#1. Strep is the Devil. My oldest son fought it for 10 days. And than I got it. Holy shit. Last week I was down for the count. For three long days I didn't get off the couch.  The complex could've burned down around me and I wouldn't have noticed.  The couch to the potty and back again. That's it.  I didn't look out the window.  I didn't answer the door, even if you knocked.  (I did have a sign on it that said I was sick and the office was closed.  But the illiterate dumbasses still knocked. C-O-N-T-A-G-I-O-U-S people. HELLO!!) My fever went up and down from 99 to 104 and rolled real steady at 102. At one moment I swear I saw 104.6 on the thermometer. At another moment not long after that moment Butch showed me what a cold bath was. And stuck me in it. At a moment the following day the nice doctor gave me my very own ten day course of antibiotics to swallow. Penicillin. In the 24 hrs before the wonder drug kicked in I was still miserable.  I found out what it's like to sleep with an ice pack wrapped around your swollen throat, while holding a wet rag across your face and sucking on vitamin c.  I got caught up on all of the episodes of the shows that I've been meaning to watch.  I can't remember the last time I spent three straight days, no kids, tv all to myself, m-i-s-e-r-a-b-l-e. Butch played fabulous nurse. I craved Ice Water, ritz crackers, and that's about it. By Saturday I was feeling much better. Because I gave it to Butch. When I took him to the clinic they gave him a direct injection of penicillin. No pills for him. It's like being injected with peanut butter.  And it makes your butt hurt for a looooong time afterwards.

#2. Tortoise's have a sense for Bad People.  Case in point.  When bio-dad brought my boys home on Sunday, Xav brought them out to show him.  Agent T promptly peed. Twice.  And it's not like when a puppy pees.  It's a sudden gush of water. Swoosh.  Than when we held Princess to him, she crapped. It's wierd black gooish stuff. I was disappointed it didn't hit his fancy shmancy nikes.  Xav plays with them daily and has never had this happen.  I think it's because they can smell the bullshit and must figure it's a bathroom.

#3. When kids grow up they make grown up decisions on their own.  After five days at bio-dad's, my boys have chosen to stay home for the Turkey Day holidays.  And it would be six days with the man.  Nope. Not going.  Can't really blame them.  They spend most of the time in their room entertaining themselves.  And allowed minimal food. 

#4. Twin rocks.  She sent me some fabulous boots and shirts. We've always given cloths back and forth. Some new.  Some ones we just like to borrow.  I received some yesterday that I just love.  And I'm such an airhead that some of the shirts I faintly recognize, but am even more excited because they fit fabulously!  And the boots are so great.  Calf high rubber boots. Cutesy girly ones that are soft pink lined.  And they say "dirty" on the back.  And they're greeeaaat.

#5. I have a temper problem.  I can handle it.  On Sunday, when Butch was full-blown-miserable Strep, I ...er...snapped.... briefly.  I found his spare truck key.  On his work key ring.  That he carries with him every day.  This used to be my truck key.  And then he needed it back a few months ago and he's been telling me he's "lost" it ever since.  Blatant lies I tell you!! I HATE lying.  Probably because I'm incapable.  It's a gene that my sisters and I share.  The "incapable of lying" gene.   Never been able to.  A dumb person could read a lie on my face.  So when I found this key that Doesn't Exist, I snapped.  And in my temper tantrum I grabbed the first two things I saw.  My blower dryer.  My one and only blow dryer.  That I use every day.  And my straightener.  My one and only straightener.  Which I also use every day.  And I smashed them to the floor.  Repeatedly.  As hard as I could.  And I found out that they aren't invincible.  And they break.  And Butch said that he's not buying me a new one with his money.  I broke them, therefore I'm replacing them.  I miss them terribly.  A hair day is just not a hair day without them.  Especially when I'm growing my hair back out.

#6.  Sometimes it's ok to ask for help.  It is. Really.  I spent years locked in a mind-f*ck relationship. Years.  10 miserable years.  First hardcore relationship.  First love.  And so much came out of it.  One of these things is my inability to ask for help.  I birthed these children I will support them and raise them.  I am their mother.  I will budget or scrape or look for deals, but I will cloth them and feed them. Not saying I don't have loving parents and sisters.  I've just never been one to ask them for things that are basic parts of being a parent.  The other day I hit a wall. Hard.  And I found myself calling them.  And they were there for me.  No questions asked.  I knew they could be.  I just didn't want to have to go there.  And I felt so many emotions.  Disappointment just ate at me. Although our family never judges.  We help.  We hug.  We help.  It's what we do.  Relief washed thru me.  And an overwhelming sense of love.  It shakes you to your core.  Rocks your foundation a bit.  Not that it wasn't there before.  But sometimes it's there more.  Love is...

#7.  Boys can be picky dressers.  We went coat shopping the weekend before I caught Death Warmed Over.  Butch decided that it was time to take them.  Not that they don't each have two perfectly good coats.  But the first pair are too puffy and make them look fat!! And the other pair are brown and make them look like turds!  And boys just don't look cool in coats mom.... I thought they would like the thick lined hoodies.  They tried to prove me wrong.  Xav wasn't sure what he wanted.  Austin was sure he wanted leather.  And in the end they both found hoodies they loved.  They have fabulous fleecy hoods.  They love them.  Xav likes to show his off to his friends...
11/23/2011 07:51:06

Lawdy am I with you on #6... So totally. I could have written that whole paragraph myself.

11/24/2011 14:41:52

So sorry you were sick- hope you're all the way better now. Also, I hear you about #5. I caught The Husband in a lie and I was furious. Seriously, what is the point? And of course, being a female I take it even further, i.e. "If you're lying about something like as small as this, what else are you lying about?"

Good times.

11/29/2011 20:56:23

ugh. strep IS the devil. my oldest had it a few weeks ago and it was brutal. thank God it didn't spread. glad you're all better!!!!

11/29/2011 21:35:11

Thanks to you all!! It went through Austin, me, hubby, and Austin almost got it again... but we're good... for Now anyways!


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