They were gone 10 days. Everytime they go I always anticipate that they will somehow miraculously change. That the Attitude Princess will whisk them off to Never Never Land and they will return Changed. I am wrong.

8:15 am Sunday
I just get back from walking Mocha (chihuaua/terrier mix) and am making my rounds in the house. Picking up dirty socks, pieces of Lego men, wet towels, feeding the guinea pigs, petting the kitties.... when I find two wet spots in Xav's room. Not only are they wet spots, but they are very interestingly placed. One is between the dresser and wall in the closet of Xav's room. Granted my dog might be small, but he isn't even small enough to wedge through the space to get in here. And there is an additional spot in front of the dresser. So I went to question the Guilty Party. Sure enough - the lazy little Monster had someone decided that it was easier to stand and pee next to his dresser and "hide" it than it was to walk the 10 feet to the toilet.

12:15pm Sunday
Returned home from taking Austin, Xav, Bekka (Faith's mom), Faith, Fayth (Faith's step-sister) to church. We managed to get in and out of there without too much hassle, or having to call Dad in for back-up. Score one for mom!  We got home and threw some food at the kids and wouldn't-you-know-it but Attitude started rearing it's ugly head.
It started out minor enough. Austin asked to play the computer (which is in my room) and Larry said No (because he didn't want to the kids hanging out in my room - they each have their own rooms, with their own tv's and cable and video game console). Austin was instantly on the warpath. I suggested momm/austin Wii time in the living room instead. While he set it up, his brother & I walked Mocha & changed laundry. At the laundry room was a box of Free Stuffed Animals. So Xav brought one home. Austin got instantly sidetracked.  We hadn't played five minutes, when he turned off the Wii and changed clothes. He wanted one! I told him that he'd have to walk the dog too. So we made it to the bottom of the stairs to the laundry room. I held the dogs leash while he went and picked two out. When he came back out I handed him back the dog leash. This made him angry. Why should by 4 ft 6 inches son have to walk a dog AND carry his toys?!! He wanted to get rid of the dog AND throw the toys away. His mouth ran all the way in the house. And it kept on running. He wanted queso. It was cold and hard and he was too dang lazy to operate a microwave. He didn't want queso. He was hungry. He wasn't hungry. Since his trip for a toy took a lot longer than was originally planned his dad had came in and turned on the tv. So he was ticked off he still couldn't play the computer and now his Wii time was over. This ranting/raving/name calling fit lasted most of the afternoon. He got himself a 20 minute time out on his bed which merged into 40 when he wouldn't just shut his mouth. Time out + lay down & shut up for 20 minutes. Not rocket science or child abuse.

Fast forward to Monday morning....
Managed to get them up, dressed, and out the door without too much of a fight. Xav got his gelled mohawk. (Yep, even being gone for that many days, it's still there. In fact Larry had to re-shave the sides last night). Austin managed to get up AND shower and eat without a big dispute...
3/30/2010 09:39:25

I suggest daily scrubbing for every time he back talks. Send him to me, he will see how rough life can be. LOL

3/30/2010 11:56:04

Ever hear of the term "Wish granted?"

3/30/2010 19:43:46

I want him but his uncle might turn beatings into a daily occurence and .. ... I would probably eventually cave and defend him.

3/31/2010 09:12:55

Just remember. He doesn't have to actually make it back in the car when we arrive for Easter...

4/2/2010 22:45:36

Is there such a thing as an attitude fairy...?


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