My Dearest Austin,
It seems like only yesterday that you were starting your 4th grade at your new school.  You were so Independant and insisted on walking the 1/2 mile there with the neighbor kid (No Mom, I DON'T want you to walk with me).   Although over the next 3 years you would let me join you off and on without too much of a fuss (as long as I didn't cross the street with you when we got to the school).  Now you aren't sure if you are Grown Up or Still Need Mommy.  One second you're all mouth and making me sooo angry that I loose sight of the fact that you really are only 13.  But you remind me you still are my Little Boy when you're crying over an ingrown leg hair (the fact that you are growing leg & armpit hair just depresses me all the more).  7th Grade starts on Wed for you.  I want you to know that no matter what we are here for you.  It doesn't matter how late at night it is (and yes, I'm sticking to making you have a bedtime Young Man) our door is always open.  I'm going to still torture you guys with a bedtime story.  And I will eat breakfast with you all every morning (even if it does take you longer to do your Beiber-esque hair than it does for me).  And this year I promise to hold to Homework after school.  Your little girlfriend can just wait (Girlfriend?? Another AAAHH moment).  You will feel better about yourself if you can catch on and not fall behind.  I know you might not be the Straight A student, but I want you to do the best you can be, not the best you want to just slide by with.  I love you.
Dear Xav,
I love the fact that after the past 6 years with Larry, that you two have wholeheartedly claimed him as dad.  This is Dad to you.  And I love it.  Tomorrow is grade 4 for you and I know that you have mixed feelings about it.  The other kids will talk too much while the teacher is teaching and it will drive you crazy.  You'd really just like it if your brain would slow down enough that your hands and words could catch up.  But dang it if all of the noises of rude kids doesn't just drive you bonkers.  Hopefully this new school is able to help you on your level.  We even found you one of those zip up hoodies that have a face to it, like you wanted.  We'll be sure and even spike up your War Hawk to make sure everyone knows what your signature hair cut looks like.  Don't worry, I signed up to be a volunteer, and I'm ready to come to the classroom whenever you need me there.  I'm sorry if I'm not a very good teacher, but I'm willing to help whenever I can!  I'm behind you guys no matter what!  Remember that no matter how much you process life differently than some kids, no one has the right to bully you for it.  We love you no matter what!!
9/6/2012 23:11:45

Love the letter twins. It's kinda ironic that they look like their bio-dad and their home-dad. Those little smart asses that stole our hearts at birth and refuse to give them back. I miss them twin. And alll the attitude and attention they carry. Miss you twin! Wish I could come home for a visit!

9/7/2012 18:58:37

Wish you would come home and stay *ummm visit* now too!! We all miss you guys too!!!

10/6/2012 22:13:48

Absolutely beautiful letters and sentiment! Love these!

10/8/2012 04:24:46

I'm not that great at doing these... I'll admit... some are great and doing these every bday... not me ...


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