Well Becky, what have you been up to lately?

The Parentals came for a visit.  And ended up taking a 3 hour detour on the way over, to go save their grandson  (because who would be better to be there for our family in time of crisit?). 
We drove on a road trip of Epic proportions to visit an Aunt I haven't seen in years, and checked out the piece of pier that's floated up from the japanese tsunami.  I say Epic, because once you experience my father's soul-searing, heart-wrenching, vomit-inducing, life-flash-before-your-eyes driving, FROM THE BACK SEAT -- you will never review driving the same way again.  We kept the Nephew with us for another 3 days, to give them a break. 

Than we loaded the whole passel of us on a road trip to the airport.  Treated kiddos to a night in a hotel (in-door pool & continental breakfast a must!).  Daddy & the Teen joined us for one of the swims.  

Monday night was painfully exhausting & a huge reminder that 33 is NOT the same as 20. Wow. 

Went to sleep a little after 10pm-ish, after the 2nd trip to the pool with the little guys (while Teen spent an hour chatting his gfriend on his phone).  After I had re-packed Teen for his AM flight. 
I woke up at 3:30am.  After being woke up not once, not twice, but 3 Xs during the night. 
Time #1 - massive stomach cramping, digestion blaring, ugh. 
Time #2 - Nephew woke me up crying for his mommy in his sleep (and I - heartbroken - came over to him and rubbed his back and told him it'd be ok, while he dozed back to sleep). 
Time #3 - Teen woke himself up yelling at his bed.  (He excitedly got the hide-a-bed all to himself).  He swore the shadows on it made him think the mattress was moving all by itself.  LMAO.

I got up at 3:30am.  Got Teen up about 4:10am.  We grabbed the Shuttle at 4:45 for the airport.
By the time we cleared security, I got in 4 fights with him in the Waiting Area getting him breakfast, got him boarded 40 min early with the other 8 Unaccompanied Minors, waited until the Bird was airborn, and spent 40 minutes squabbling with the hotel over the phone to get a return shuttle to the hotel... I got back at 8am.

We woke up Xax & Kaylub (they're months apart... and personality-wise are like twins).  And took them pj-clad to enjoy the breakfast.  They had fun making their own blueberry waffles, and getting their own oj.
Than I took them to swim #3.  Butch found me there happily asleep in a chair (under the watchful glare of some cranky old 86 year old Witch of a grandma who was across the window in the breakfast room) & sent me back to the room for a nap.  Where Papa found all of us at 10:30am (I was sleeping amidst quite the ruckus by than) and happily/exhaustedly himself - hauled the kiddos back to his place for a 2 week vacation...

Mom asked me today... "How are you enjoying Alone Time?"
I've been too exhausted to notice!  Once we headed home (3 hours WITHOUT STOPS), and made a few stops... we didn't get here until 6 last night.  We watched a movie and crashed.  Got up bright & early this morning to go back to work.  I was in my office 8am-4:30pm ... we went and found dinner & got home after 6pm.  I told myself I was going to get back into working out ... but laziness won out tonight. Since the rest of the week is going to be brutally busy, finishing playing catch up on yardwork.......
And around it all I've been busy checking on Twin & seeing how she is feeling!! She had surgery, a cast put on, and I haven't been able to be there to help her get better!! AND I've been checking on Auntie... to see if Teen has been driving her nuts yet!

gift box from twin!!



7/27/2012 20:09:06

Twin! I love the update! Very well rounded. Glad you liked the art and snacks. I love the pict of Xav and Kaylub and the smiling photo of the teen! I will have to print them.

7/28/2012 04:52:22

Of course you should print them! Duh!

9/28/2012 23:51:32

Okay... Thats an exhausting trip! But it sounds so fun!


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