I'm sitting here trying to figure out the First Laptop I've ever owned in my life.  I feel like such a loser.  I'm 32!! Butch bought a laptop for $100 from the neighbor last year.  It was a 90's POS they got off the internet and ran like even more POS and he was always "It's MINE MINE MINE and NOT yours yours yours wifey" and he ended up giving it to his dad anyways.  So this is the First Mine One. In fact, if we don't count Butch's temp POS, it's the 2nd one I've ever owned.  The first was a dinosaur POS PC that me & the ex bought in the late 90's.  So we just got back from dropping off the kids with their bio-dad and I thought I'd play around with this thing.

Free time?? Let's putter on the blog!! I went to my little "blog roll" tab to try cleaning it up.  Ya. I have NO FREAKING CLUE about adding "buttons" or "links". Are you sure you want to keep reading?? LOL.  I gave you a quick funny on My Job.  Lol.  Notice the stacked trailers?? I'm not kidding you... Ours is a 4 story aptmt complex -- but THAT'S HOW BUTCH & I see it!!   I'm not saying ALL of them are like this.  Lord knows we've lived in Bootiful Country ones.  This place?? After 3.5 years & constant upkeep & mtc.  Well?? Like I said.  You can take them outta the trailer park... but...

Enough with that.  I wanted to update you on our Holidays while I enjoy my moment of silence listening to Butch is snoring on the couch (it's almost 6pm... snicker snicker... his "normal" nap time is 3pm daily...).  We're going to pay the pennies and run down to Mission Impossible at the movies at 6:40.  It's going to be a hellofa week.

My parents arrived on Thursday morning. A day early. SURPRISE!! We had a really good visit.  My parents have been married since 2 years before I was born.  And have known each other since birth.  Her parents & his grandparents lived on the same country road. Which is cool at family get togethers since both sides of the family went to school together.

I love my parents to death.  

My daddy is great.  A bit over protective.  Has severe road rage issues.  But he has slowly accepted our tattoos and piercings and cussing and how I'm not so good at hauling my kids into church every time the doors open. 

My mommy. Ah. My mommy. Love her to pieces.  Like I had to explain to my kids this past weekend though.  Grammy is ALWAYS RIGHT.  You know how I want to be right?? And I will get a good hissy fit out throwing my point across in a futile effort because I know that eventually I'll give in and fully admit what everyone knows -- that I'm NOT right?? Grammy's NOT like that.  Ever.  You can put the Truth in front of her face.  Still NOT going to admit it.  EVER.  And God-bless-her-heart she knows EVERYTHING and EVERYONE.  Which sometimes can get a little trying on you...

But this visit wasn't like this. 

The perks of being the only one of the 3 W-girls that has kids, means I don't get one-on-one parent time when they come to visit.  Because they were here for 5 days, I actually did.  Madre & I walked all over town one day.  And had a really great time.  We went out of town grocery shopping one day & ended up trying on frilly lacy girl bras together.  I loved it!! And Daddy and I went on a shopping exursion for a part we couldn't find... and I even got to witness an 18 year old driver trying to pick a fight with him.  Priceless!!

We all had a fabulous five days.  Played Redneck Wii game.  Watched my kitty chucking ornaments at us.  We got to swim at my parents hotel pool almost every day.  (Until Sun when Austin's asthma started acting up.) Butch & Mommy (mostly Mommy) whipped up fabulous food.  We even made it to church on Christmas!! (Although the sound system sucked... so it made it even more difficult to concentrate.  That and my gassy 12 year old leaving every 2 seconds to go "blow it up" and come back & have crying/tantrums about it after.) It was all going great until Christmas day.  When the stomach bug went through us. It hit both my kids & I.  Skipped Daddy & Butch.  Poor Mommy got it out both ends :( 

But they returned home today.  And we managed to drop off my kids at their dads for a few days for *cross our fingers* hopefully a good visit.

The kids loved the mp3s I got them.  They're in that "music" stage of life.  Butch loved the knives and multi-tool and sweatshirts he got. I got some fabulous things.  Baby sis sent me her old ipod complete with arm band to run with and music on it!! I'm SUPER EXCITED!! And Daddy gave me this laptop because he bought a new one (this one is 5 years old). Also excited!! And Twin gave me a sweater that's fabulous!! I was drooling all over one the day before that on Ma & I's shopping trip. Damn Twin pshyce.

And I'm starting to ramble... so...

Tomorrow and Wed I'm working 8-1.  Tomorrow afternoon I have an out-of-town doc apt.  (Love living in the middle of nowhere. 20 mile drive to any GOOD doc).
Wed I have an inspection in the afteroon at one of my sites
Thurs morning I have court (Ugh.  NOT looking forward to it...but it COULD turn out good..) The rest of Thurs is an inspection of another site. It will take All Day.  My boss is coming for both days (Yay!!).
And Friday is my last day of work for End Of Month. So it's gonna be a busy one... unless miracles prevail & I get everything done Tues/Wed.  I doubt it.
Sat-Mon we're off for the holiday.
Oh & sometime in the next two weeks we should no more of an update on the possible move thing...

So that about wraps it up in a nutshell!!

I was going to give you some funny stories from the things the kids said & did over the weekend... but my brain is pooped and so am I.

Hope you all had a MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

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