We had some drama flare open over the weekend. As in life, where we interact with people, it's bound to happen sooner or later.  I tried to explain this to the 12 year old in as easy and as simple a way as I could....

From the time you are born until the day you die I guarantee you that there will be at least one person in your life that will have bad things to say about you. Sixth grade, 11th grade, first job, at the bar, at the mall, on your vacation, in your retirement home. It doesn't matter. There are many kind of people in the world with many personalities.  But there's always that one busybody in the crowd. Some families have them and some don't. We have that family member in ours. The one that you talk to on the phone and she feels the need to tell you about Joe-down-the-street's great-aunt-matilda who came to visit and has a nephew dying on warts-disease and by the way his music is way too loud when he drives his car down the road.

Butch and I aren't real social bugs. If we didn't have to manage the complex, we wouldn't talk to any of them.  I was always the type to live in a place, but short of going out to my job & activities with the kids, we didn't hang with the neighbors. Ok so to be more specific, we keep few friends, so we just stick to us and our family.  I've had times where I felt lonely with this, but the longer I do this job the more I see why that's my preferred way of life.  People can be assholes.

I know I've mentioned this before, but we run low-income housing.  I live in a complex with 48 units.  The majority of the people that live here don't have jobs.  Which means they have wayyy to much time on their hands.  So they pop their pain pills like candy, smoke pot, drink their cheap beer, milk their food stamps and are about as two-faced as people come.  Sure they seem nice to me. But I've told them all that we can't hang out, so we don't seem like we're playing favorites.  It's nothing personal.  It's the crappy side affects of my job.

So as a result of:
a) not being social with them
b) changing my cell # so none of them have it -- so they can't bug me after office hours with drama/ work stuff
c) losing 30 pounds in the past 4.5 months (I've been the same weight for the past 3 years I've lived here)
d) having a little more attitude to some -- moreso than we used to -- because they chose to be involved with my b.i.l.

Here's the newest rumors that the b.i.l. made up about us... (he said he heard it from the people here -- that he's legally not supposed to be having contact with... but with enough olde english in him/I know he's full of poop)
***The first one I was angry about -- because he texted Butch on it. But after Butch called & found out the other ones... I was laughing my ass off.

Rumors About Us
1. The only reason I am so skinny is because I do drugs.
(Refer to #c above.... and...I never have been around anyone doing any kind of drugs.... I'm that sheltered...)
2. We're swingers with our new bff's Ben/Jen.
(I told Butch that wasn't fair -- she's the hot one --- why do I get stuck with him??)
3. I'm a lesbian and doing 20 of the women that live here.
(Firstly -- Not that it matters, but I'm not.  And secondly -- 20?? There's not that many hot ones if you put all 108 of my units together!! I'm not one to think big fat ugly white trash women are hot. Helloooo.)
4. We are doing drugs in the office with our staff. We do it with all the blinds open and the windows open, so everyone can see/smell what we're doing.  That's how they know.
(See comments - #1)
5. I'm completely two faced.  I am nice to everyone and talk shit about them all behind their backs.
(How does that work? I only talk to people that come into the office to pay rent.  And to do their annual paperwork.  They're just mad I won't hang out with them.)

Austin's response to all this?
Mom-- does someone need a hug?

It takes a lot to get Butch riled up - but even he wanted to move after hearing all this BS.  I told him that TJ only has 4 tenants #'s -- out of 108.  And they're all trailer park unemployed trash anyways.  They don't bring the drama to us.  He does.  They don't tell us this stuff, or throw it in our faces, or egg our cars.  So other than when he feels the need to stir the pot, it's pretty mellow around here for us.  We keep to ourselves and do our thing and so do they. 

We've been here 3 years... and if I have my way I don't want to move for another 3. When Twin gets out of Germany.  Hopefully they're going to N. Cali. (And hopefully Baby Roo will one day too..) Than we can hopefully transfer to somewhere a lot closer to them. S. OR or N. Cali.  That would be the best. But for now, I want to stay here. Transferring to other sites means starting all over again.  Having to get used to whole new complexes, vendors, cities, blah blah blah.  I know our headaches and drama here. We have ties in the community and vendors that know us.  The police dept work with us.

Lesson learned? Don't let people get you down by the smack that they talk.  You can't make everyone happy. 

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