In our house we didn't grow up dancing.  We more grew up singing hymns in front of the church with the choir in the Little House On The Prairie homemade dresses.  I wish I was kidding. But I'm not.  Not even a little overexagerating going on.  Seriously.  Don't make me break out the photo albums that my mommy is covetting somewhere in her garage. 

So this white girl is about as awkard on the dance floor as one can get.  And it's rather embarassing.  The only time I have had half a rhythm is when I'm completely intoxicated.  And even that usually takes a little coaxing, and a dance partner at a bar, to bring this turtle out of her shell.

So the past year I've worked on Step 1 to help bring me more confidence in myself.  I've actively worked at, and maintained, losing 50lbs.  Than I started getting burnt out of my work outs.  Jillian Michaels, Tae Bo, Biggest Loser, P90x, and other random things I've found on cable.  One can only do so much jumping jacks, burpies, sit ups and push ups.

For my birthday my little sister won HUGE kudos points by mailing me Zumba.  And I got it in the mail today!!! I was shaking with excitement as I tore it out and threw in the "step by step" instructions.  Butch was quietly sitting behind me pecking away at the old laptop.  And it made it even harder for me.  I want to dance.  I want to have rhythm.  I want to feel sexy. 

Problem 1: learning how to relax and shake the hips
Problem 2: getting him to either a) do it with me or b) leave the room for a few weeks while I learn how to relax and shake the hips

The instructors are Of Course GORGEOUS!! Beautiful long hair, shaking their stuff.  And oh so sexy.  I want to have fun and rock the moves like they are!! I'm craving it with Every. Bone. In. My. Body.  To be able to just spend an hour relaxing and having fun doing it! (And as a bonus killing some calories...).  

The only downfall to beautiful women showing you how to rock it is that it does make me feel less feminine.  I know that I've dropped some weight.  But I still have short hair.  And I don't feel as sexy with the hair.  Than the voice in my head is flashing pics of my non-sexy clothing.  Ugh!! These girls are HOT in their yellow baggy knee length sweats!  I want the confidence they're salsa-ing all over the dance floor!!!

I am going to get up early and do it.  I'm like a little kid at Christmas.  Only 9 hours until 5:30am.  When it's just me, the Zumba video and the privacy of the living room to let loose! Now if I can just wiggle those hips and shake the body. Cha Cha CHA!!!
5/25/2012 11:37:25

Let me know how it goes for when I finish the Jillian Michael's beat!

5/27/2012 20:26:51

Roo was right. It's so much fun!!! And the time FLIES by!!

5/29/2012 08:14:17

Yay for you! I love dancing! I dance without even realising I'm doing it!


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