So how'd that cleaning thing go again?
Ya ya, I know, it didn't. But today!!
Yes, today!!
Gonna slap that sign on the office door that reads "I'm open and up in my Apt if you need me!!"
Ok, I'll give you that.
You'll only give me that cuz it was going through my head at ridiculous-o-dark-30 this morning.
To true to true.
And it will save the kids sanity because it'll be done before they get home.
So nice of you to put Evil Mommy away for the kids.
Because they soooo deserve it.
Don't make me laugh... the hot chocolate will fly out of my nose.
Wouldn't want that coming out of your pretty little nose ring now would we?
We do need to stop at that shop today and have her make sure it's healing good.
We could stop there on our way back to the vet.
Vet. Poor Tiger.
It's been 3 days since our last trip with poor Tiger.
Yes it has.
He still isn't looking too good.
Hopefully they can fix his dehydration and he'll perk right up.
I wish your kids were that easy to perk right up.
A trip to the vet?
A trip anywhere!
After you finish cleaning their house while they're at school....?
I'll take them where as a reward???
To go get them a video game of course!
Yes... so they can tune mommy out while I relax from my day of slave labor!
"Relax" *hahaha snort hahahaha*
Did you really just snort?
You should know... the Smurfs on your desk are looking at you now!
Tomorrow we're making candy.
Yes I know, I saw the candy-making kits you picked them up.
Candy. mmmmm...
Mmmmm is Right. Too bad you can't eat that much of it!!
Sure rub that in....
It's your stupid fault you're on a health-i-er foods kick.
Yes, but last night was my treat day... and those chili dogs were yummmy.
Yes, yes they were. So was the chili-cheese dip.
I agree. Scrumptious.
All this talk is making me hungry... I'm going to go get that fruit-n-yogurt parfait I put in the frig yesterday.
And you're going to march it upstairs and get the house cleaned!!
I probably should... before I allow myself to get too sidetracked....
And they wonder where Xav gets his ADHD?....
I'm going to let that little comment slide for now....
You did mention you were hungry!!
Speaking of hungry.... where did I put that....?

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