So we have had two things completely re-settle our lives lately.

1. Darla & Spanky & Mommy Lynn moved to Germany.
The past week my cell phone has been glued to my hand. Making sure that I don't miss a call from her. We've figured out I can text her email from my phone. I spent three days on road trips getting kids so I was trying to set up Skype on my phone - but it hasn't worked yet. Yesterday we found we can IM on our phones through "Fring" app. We also found out we can talk on our cells through Google Chat - but the 9hr time diff does throw it off a bit. And we finally (almost) have our Skype set up! Yay! Yesterday my headset wouldn't work - so I could hear and see her and she could see, but NOT hear me. So she'd talk and I'd type. In a few - when they return from the pub - we will get to talk and see each other! It's been a LONG week of not hearing TWIN's voice.

2. TEENS have been added to our house. There was I, Butch (hubby), Austin (11), Xavier (7) and Mocha-dog (chihuaua/daschuand mix). We've added Zach (Butch's oldest - 18) and Kayla (Z's cousin who was raised by B whenever he was around - and has only met her real dad once - she's 15). 
The only teen my kids have ever "lived" with is their Uncle Sky - and that's at their dad's house. They've been around him since birth and he's used to them and plays with them.
Z & K aren't used to living with two hyper-active little kids. So it's quite an adjustment. Take yesterday. Butch took the three oldest to wander around the Lloyd Center Mall in Portland, Or. It's a huge mall, we checked out how many stores there were on-line just to prove it to them. Z brought some candy there and gave K & A some when they were shopping. When they returned he offered me a piece. When X asked for a piece he told him he was out. So to calm him down from the disapointment I gave him mine. What Z said was a lie. He spent the rest of the evening & this morning sharing pieces with K.
Mind you him & K have been attached to the hip since birth. Strangers don't know if they are brother/sister or boyfriend/girlfriend. They are that close. The problem with this teen - white lie is that my kids don't get it. I have beat into their heads that the one thing I CAN'T STAND is lying. You can screw up all you want - JUST DON'T LIE TO ME ABOUT IT. Austin has figured out it's a lie - and he's ANGRy and hurt about it. This is how they are though. They tell these small lies to the kids. They spend the majority of their time holed up together in Zach's room on the internet or texting. They don't actively try to play with or include the kids. K is staying for a month than she flies home. Z gets to stay for four - but his life changes tomorrow when he gets to start working full time. When they aren't holed up then they think it's fun to perpetually pick on my kids. It's a bit frustrating to me.

5/31/2010 15:56:22

Omg that would bug the crap out of me

5/31/2010 16:03:07

Especially since you know the kids and how they are. I love the teens. They just aren't how WE WERE as teens. It's not the SAME. And they definitely aren't how I thought they would be.


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