This month is full of doctor's visits for us.
Butch had tubes put in. And has a 2 week follow up.
Austin had to go in for a new patient exam/11 year shots.
Xav has an ADHD/new patient exam.
Austin has to go to the dentist.
We can go months without going, and some months we live there!

Austin's exam was such a strong experience, I thought it would be something best to share. So if there are any other mothers out there that have kids that hate doctors, they will know that they are not alone!

From 8a-9a we met with Xav's doc for a parent-doc conf on his bahavioral issues. Austin was to wait in the waiting room until closer to his appointment at 9, they would get his weight & measures out of the way and we'd join him. That's what they said. Sounded easy enough. But it wasn't. At 9:05 we get a tap on our meeting door and a nurse... "Um. I need one of the parents." So Butch follows her out. Before my door closes I hear Austin's open. My conversation with X's doc immediately is in the doorway. I hear muffled crying from my 11 year old and some mention of peeing in a cup? By now I'm getting insistent on joining them. He was freaking out. He was not going to pee in the cup. I had a lapful of sobbing 11 year old. The nurse had to take his vitals. She finally got Austin to go pee. So the crying 11 year old and his step-dad head to the bathroom. He comes back to have to strip to his undies and change in his gown. Doc comes in to me with a lapful of crying 11 year old again.  By "doc" I mean "skinny, tall, leggy blonde early 30-something girl". I thought this would help him. And it didn't. She chatted him down into mellow. Than he had to lay down while she poked and prodded and had to take a quick peak at the hooka. Ya. That went over well (eye rolling). She told me that his "extra" canine tooth (it's growing in through the upper gums) will need looked at ASAP and would be getting me a referral (because the dentist is as much fun as the The nurse came back in with a fist full of fun. Started out with flouride brushing his teeth. He was VIOLENTLY shaking and drooling through this process. She whipped out two shots (the call I got days later was - "we missed one! He'll need it before school in the fall!), which he insisted to get in the arm AND he SCREAMED his way through (AND ended up having a mild reaction to for two days - swelling, heat, rash). We dressed him and stopped by the lab for him to get a "finger prick", which no manner of teling him it "would be fine" helped. "Is she actually pouring my blood in that tube!" Sad to say even the stop at BK for a breakfast treat AND telling him that he could stay home the rest of the day from school didn't completely help him.

I'm not looking forward to the trip to the dentist in two weeks. They have to examine the tooth and set up a plan of attack to fix it. Since he had to have dental surgery at age 5 & at age 8 we don't go to the dentist much. Because even at kid specialists they get maybe two teeth cleaned and he starts freaking out. I've chosen to wait until he's older and more mature to have him in. That's what I thought anyways. Than he grew extra teeth in wierd places. Did I mention his mouth is slightly too small and they've been telling me for years he'll need braces? Ya. Cuz that's going to happen with a hysterical child with a low pain threshold.
5/17/2010 15:17:23

poor little Man!!


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