I have a few different things I want to jot down for today, so bare with me as I hop subject to subject on you.

Open House for school is today.  We will be going without our kids. Ironically enough it's much easier that way. Our school district is wierd here -- the schools break down as follows... There's one school for K-2. There's one school for 3-5.  There's one school for 6th grade.  7&8th grade make up the middle school (located across the street from where we live).  And 9th-12th grade make up the the high school.  Austin is going to be in 6th grade this year.  In order to make the transition, at the end of the 5th grade they made a day field trip over to tour the school.  The 6th grade is a preview of middle school for them.  They have lockers, home room and numerous classes and teachers.  In their field trip they showed them all of this.  So I felt that the Open House is a way for mommy & daddy to get to check it all out.  It's going to be a bit chaotic with all of the families that will be there, but I still think the trip will be worth it. That starts at 6:30p tonight.  But we will start our tours at 5:30p tonight at Xav's school.  He starts 3rd grade.  New school for him, but not for us.  That's where Austin spent the last 3 years of his life.  This should be relatively quick for us.  I just want to find out who he gets as a teacher, and where his classroom is located.  Especially since I'll be walking/driving him to and from his classroom every day. His little attention span wouldn't have it any other way!! We still need to get them school supplies, school clothes & shoes.  Payday is today.  I told them they'll definitely have school supplies.  The shoes they're getting.  The clothes they'll get some now & some on the 1st of next month.  Since they're growing like weeds might as well spread them out.  And school pictures are this month too!! Grrrr. Money grows on the trees in the minds of the beaurocrats that set this stuff up.

I am proud to say that as of today I lost 30lbs.  I weighed in at 164.4lbs this morning.  For some this might seem like a big number, for some it seems like a perfect goal to hit.  It boils down to two simple things. I'm trying to eat healthier, smaller meals.  (Trying to stick with 3 meals & 2 snacks a day. Trying being the key word.)  And exercise.  Lately all I've been doing is my gazelle eliptical machine.  I shoot for a 45 minute power run on it a night while I'm watching my sitcoms. As a disclaimer I'm not doing this to push one body size or another.  Everyone has a size that they are happy with.  My parents always preached that beauty comes from the inside, and they are right.  I gained 30+ lbs about 4 years ago and it's been stuck on me ever since.  Along with it, my energy left.  And angriness rolled in.  I spent years finding clothes that I found myself attractive in.  But there were so many more outfits that made me feel undesirable.  On May 1st I started my mission to Be Healthier and see what happened. 

I want to round this out with the fun adventure I want to take the kids to on Sunday.  It'll cost me gas $ and a stop to eat. But I think it will be worth the adventure.  I want to take them to the Ape Caves.  Let me quote directly from the site on the description & than I'm going to tack on some pictures I found of it:
P.S. - I know a few days ago I said I don't do areas where I can't see sky, but this is something I'm going to suck it up and try.  Because it looks so fun!

"Ape Cave lava tube is the longest cave tube (12,810 feet) in the main 48 state body of the United States, and one of the longest in the world. Located south of, and near Mount St. Helens. Lava stalactites and stalagmites can be seen on the walls and floor of the cave. During the summer, a naturalist leads Ape Cave tours through the lower part of the cave. Be sure to read the brochure available at the cave entrance to find out more about the cave and caving equipment you will need to explore on your own. Sturdy shoes or boots, warm clothing, and three sources of light are recommended. GPS is 46.123721, -122.217040

Two routes of exploration are available in the cave and an above ground trail Ape Cave #239, connects the main and upper entrances. The lower cave is a 3/4 mile hike that takes 1 hour round trip. The challenging upper cave is 1.5 miles long and requires climbing over piles of rocks. That upper cave route takes 2.5 to 3 hours. The temperature in Ape Cave averages about 42 degrees all through the year."

This is "meatball". Located in the smaller of the 2 caves. Austin has actually been in the smaller cave on a 4th grade field trip & seen this. He wants to show this to his brother.
9/2/2011 01:47:26

First off: Yea for the exciting news of school! I feel so old because my TWIN has such big kids and my house is empty of children.
Second: I'm very proud of your 4 month diet plan. I may hate you a little due to repeated attempts and failures of successfully dieting and WORKING MY ASS OFF with things like Cross Fit and P90x.
HAPPY. a little sad. HAPPY.
But hey if you can do it with YOUR insane streesful life we don't have brilliant excuses ... MUST PLAY WOW.

9/2/2011 11:43:31

You are not old. We were soooo young Twin when I had them. Sooo young.
Thx for the support Twin. It's more of a way for me to kill time. I've learned I don't sit still very well. Butch says I just can't stop moving. Lol.

9/19/2011 08:35:20

Oh well done on the weight loss! I am so impressed!
Our schools work very differently to yours. Our primary schools start with grade 1 (a lot of them have grade 0 as well) and go to grade 7. High school is from grade 8 to 12.


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