(The answers have to rank from 1 to 5. 1 being No. 5 Being Yes.)

#1 - Do you like to fly?
Sure. So that would be a 5.

#2 - Do you like to wear a cape?
Um. I guess? Haven't ever really worn one. If a fluffy old ass robe counts as a sort of cape... Let's go with 3. For "kinda".

#3 - Are you very virtuous?
Googling virtuous... "conforming to moral and ethical principals. morally excellent. chaste." My answer will be 4. I like to think I am. Not sure what others think.

#4 - Are you a persistent do-gooder?
I think of a do-gooder the same as a brown-noser. So that would be a No. Unless it means...? People say go with your gut on an answer. Sticking with the brown-noser defnition. So Hell No would be my answer. Probably the wrong one, but why am I analyzing this again? Going with 1. No.

#5 - Are your somewhat reserved and easy going?
5. Yes

#6 - Are you an intelligent geek?
Not when you put it together like that.  I'm smart. Not sure If I'd go with intelligent.  It sounds too much like genius.  And I'm not a geek. So No. #1

#7 - Do you like redheads?
I have to say I've never dated  a redhead.  I think redhair can be pretty.  If the person who's wearing it has a great personality.  My hubby loves red hair on me.  I despise it. With. A. Passion. So that would be a NO. #1

#8 - Are you accident prone?
HEll. YES. #5

#9 - Are you a hopeless romantic?
Is this when you wish and pray that your ever so sweet Mr would break out the candles just once and make it ooey gooey sweet and fuzzy dinner?  Or we actually dress up and hit a fancy schmancy dinner?  I'm gonna go with 5. Why not.  Probably won't happen in this lifetime.  But can hope!!

#10 - Do you have a good sense of humor?
I'd like to think so.  I'm gonna go with 5. Yes

#11 - Do you like high tech gadgets?
I'm gonna go with 4. For "mostly".  There are days when I miss enjoying a nice country long ass road trip without the distraction of a cell phone.  What happened to enjoying a good paperwork book kids? Mommy still does it!!

#12 - Did you have a bad childhood?
I'm gonna do a strong 1.  For no.  It was much better than most people.  And I couldn't wish for a better family.  Nothing ever happened that was so traumatizing that I'm a reclusive whacko.  So 1. For no.  Wouldn't change it.

#13 - Do you have a dark personality?
No. #1

#14 - Do you wear thongs?
Ok. So I'm pulling these questions all off a quiz I found online.  This was just one of them.  And the answer? None of your beeswax. Neener neener.  Some things should be kept private.  I'll admit that I don't wear big old granny panties that cover half my back. I'll admit that.

#15 - Do you have long hair?
#1. NO. I wish it was long.  I'm working on growing it back out... But for right now I'm sad to say No :(

#16 - Are you VERY comfortable with your body?
Now when you EMPHASIS the VERY part... I'm going to have to do a 3.  It's a middle sort of answer.  More comfie than I ever have been with it.  Still not satisfied.  It's a work in  progress.

#17 - Do you value independancy and privacy?
Now I'm going to pick #2.  Which is more towards NO than Yes.  But I am applying this towards where I'm at in my life.  I'm raising a 12 year old and 9 year old.  They don't get privacy.  Heck they don't even get bedroom doors.  You need to change? There's a bathroom.  It's not that I don't trust them.  I don't trust their friends.  Because they aren't my kids.  You hear to many stories of chimo's and other horrid things.  We have no secrets in our house, so why shut doors?

#18 - Do you ever wear a pushup bra?
Unlike the panty question I'm going to answer this.  It's a NO.  Underwires are painful.  I don't wear them.  Pushup bra's have underwires.  Granted the older I get (and thanks to breastfeeding two chilluns) ... gravity is doing it's justice.  If I could find one that didn't make me want to feed it into the shredder do to the stabbing pain... I might change my mind.  For now it's a NO.

#19 - Are you beautiful?
I'm sure there are girls out there that look in the mirror and are struck dumb by their own gorgeousness=ness.  Not me.  I know I'm not ugly.  But I wouldn't go running around saying I'm even remotely beautiful.  I'm gonna say 2.  Not a complete Heck No. 

#20 - Are you good at reading people?
I wish.  I have this problem with actually thinking the things people say and true are actually true.  When so many are deceptive vipers.  I'm gonna go with 2.  Because on rare occasions you meet a true soul.

#21 - Do you like to be in the limelight?
NO.  I HATE it.  Closest thing I got was singing with our Praise Team at church.  We hit the news once... years ago... an altercation at school between my oldest and the teacher.  It gave me such fits that I couldn't read or watch the news for months.  I'm not even kidding. MONTHS.

#22 - Are you young at heart?
I like to think so.  Yes. 5

#23 - Are you good at acrobatics?
Ha ha ha ha ha. No. It's a 1

#24 - Are you a little naive?
Ha ha ha ha ha. Yes. It's a 5. (Sigh)

#25 - Are you easily angered?
I didn't used to be.  But if you ask my hubby and family they'll probably scream YES!! So I'm going to go with a 4.  Unfortunately. Mostly.

#26 - Do you have hidden strength?
Where? My big ugly bunyon removed toe? My chin mole? My bony arms?
Probably not. #1.

#27 - Are you a loner?
Fun question.  I deal with a crap-ton of people at my job on a daily basis.  But at the end of the day I prefer to just chill with the family.  So I'll put that as a 3.  I prefer few people to many.  Our family has left places because of the large crowds.  Ok. So I'm gonna make that a 2.

#28 - Do you often hurt people without realizing it?
I hope not!  That would upset me!! :(

#29 - Do you move a lot?
I've moved more since birth to now than I dare start counting.  Unfortunately.  Been here almost four years now! Over 3.5 anyways... I'm gonna go with a 4.

#30 - Are you athletic?
I didn't used to be.  I'd play sports with my family for fun.  I hate the politics of competition.  But since May 1st last year I've been working out at least 3 days a week.  The best shape I've ever been in (personally).  I'm gonna say a 4.

#31 - Are you a fast runner?
See answer to #30.  I don't think I'm the slowest.  But not the fastest.  Gonna say 3.

#32 - Are you a flirt?
I can be.  I used to be real bad before Butch.  But he has a complex, so I've dialed it way back.  The potential is there though.  So 3.

#33 - Are you extremely talented in one area?
Ya right.  Extremely talented? Another one of them ha ha ha moments.  I'm good at math. Not sure extemely talented.  So I'm gonna say 2.5.  We'll round it to 2.

#34 - Will you sometimes go too far to get your way?
Not that I recall. Another 1

#35 - Are you interested in space travel?
As a kid I wanted to be an astronaut.  Yes.

#36 - Do you have strong willpower?
Mostly. Sometimes. 3.5? Gonna round it to 4. Cuz I can.

#37 - Do you have one object that you highly value?
Yes.  My baby blankie that my mommy made when I was a baby.  Twin had a matching one.  The difference is the color on the trim.  Mine was pink.  It's ratty.  It's worn.  It's piled somewhere with the rest of the blankets we actually use. 

#38 - Have you ever stolen anything?
My dad raised us on too many Law & Order shows.  I was always paranoid that if I was dumb enough that they'd find my fingerprints and trace it to me and I'd spend a lifetime in prison being afraid to bend over for the soap.  God & video survelliance is always watching.  I've seen the movies and tv shows. Always. So that would be a No. Haven't.  And even if I did, I wouldn't be stupid enough to admit it, because They. Would. Find. Me.  Although the big crappy poker face of mine would give me away.  And I'd be back to not being able to bend over for the soap.  Nope.  Stealing is stupid and pointless. And gets you a paranoia for showering.  And I like a nice long hot shave-both-your-legs-all-the-way-up shower when I can manage to squeeze it into my busy schedule!

#39 - Do you get in many physical fights with girls?
As opposed to boys? What kind of a sexist question is that?  I've never gotten in a physical fight with anyone? Why? Because I'm a big w-u-s-s. And I have a non-confrontational personality.

#40 - Do you like animals?
We own two cats (one of which is pregnant) and two russian tortoises.  Have had a plethera of dogs through the years, along with other various reptiles and rodents and mammals.  So yes. 5.  Residing in an apartment puts a damper on which ones we can currently have.

#41 - Do you use people to get your way?
NO.  And I passionately despise those that do. Jerks.  I'd crane kick you in the face if I had more of a confrontational personality.  (And I wasn't afraid of going to jail... and having to bend over for the soap...)

#42 - Do you like bad boys (or girls)?
There was this phase I went through in high school.  There is that thrill of the ones you see in movies.  And there was this guy I dated for year in my early 20's. Ok, so he wasn't as much of a "bad boy" as some other things... I'm gonna say a 2?

#43 -  Are you much of a drinker?
No.  I'd like to be.  There are days mommy feels like picking up a nightly whine or kaluha habit with make me much calmer.  Unfortunately alcoholicism runs rampant in my genes.  Butch can't stand the smell of alcohol.  And I don't want my kids to have to see mommy like that.  And I've never been one for crutches for myself.  I don't even smoke.  (As much as it's tempting).  I barely take meds for things.  I'm one that just suffers through because I don't like the feeling of having things in my system.

#44 - Are you obviously powerful?
The answer would be No.  Unless a power is having Obviously Powerful Bad Hair Days too many days in a row.  Or Obvious Powerfully Ugly Feet. Lol.

#45 - Are you a show off?
See #21 about NOT liking the limelight.  Nope.  Not a show off.

#46 - Do you like to build things?
"like to" and "able to" are two different things.  I can't hammer a nail in straight.  Never been able to build squat.  Nope.

#47 - Have you achieved a lot from hard work?
Yep.  Everything that you want in life requires hard work.  Raising Kids? Check.  Working? Check. 

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Iron Man 20%
3/9/2012 19:03:15

LOL! Thats some quiz Bex! And I think you're Superwoman!

3/10/2012 03:13:13

Thanks! Sometimes I feel like I'm just the batmobile... along for the ride! Lol..


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