Sometimes I want to share completely different related topics.  Why?  Let's face it.. my brain is usually going a mile a minute on ten different things and my poor Butch just doesn't want (or can't) keep up with it all...

#1. Am I sure I really got the job?
At the end of the very brief interview she asked if I had any questions. I did...
Question:  Are you interviewing anyone else for this position?
Answer:  Honestly?  No.  I hire people based on personality.  Sure, experience is great, but anyone can train on some paperwork.  I've been doing this job for 20+ years, and what I've learned is that people really have to have the right personality for this job.  Not only are you two more than experienced enough, you definitely have the job.  I have to go back to the office and meet with your Area Manager and the Asset Manager to get a set date of when we'll need you there, and than I will be able to get it to you. 

Right now the date is somewhere between Saturday May 11th and June 1st.
(Not saying I still won't mildly stress until the minute all of our hire paperwork is done, and she actually gets me that email that says "YOU START XXOO DATE." so that I can turn in the 2-week notice to my boss.  But it is only Sunday, and she left my office on Friday, and she said that she is meeting with them next week.  And the property switches over on May 15th.  In order to give a 2 week notice... it will be a sooner-rather-than-later thing I'm sure.)

#2. Fun story of a case of mistaken identity gone wrong.
A guy I've known since I was about 15 told me about something that happened to him very recently that I just HAVE to share.  Because, well, I'm sure he was going OMG I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS IS HAPPENING.
Let's call him J.  His brother is S.  J is 250+ lbs, 5'9.5", both Bouncers by occupation.  S is probably at least a good 200, and closer to 6'.  They have a def family resemblence. 

J and S were driving home from the bar at 1am.  In their big jacked up pretty truck.  S is drunk.  J has had one beer. (Swears up and down.. it was only ONE beer!!).  Driving home. And they pass what appears to be a car with their friends in it flipping them off.  So, they thought they would flick their friends some crap back and ran them off to the side of the road with their truck, parking in front of them.  (They're in downtown, busy street, lots of businesses/cars/people area.)  J & S get out of the truck.  Supposedly J goes charging at the car, yelling and hollering, the passengers say that he was shoving down on the hood making the car rock.  It took J a little bit to realize that this is NOT his friends.  In fact these are complete strangers.  He tries apologizng and getting back in the truck quickly.  They speed off.  He pulls off.  They pull onto the same street.  Where the car is yelling at them to stop following him.  His response is that he's not,  this is the street he lives on to - and - he really would like to apologize.  The cops arrive (witness on the street has called it in).
J gets arrested.
S walks back to J's house to get his wife to come drive the truck home (the 3 blocks away) so it doesn't get impounded, because S is too wasted to drive.
The story that the officers tell J's wife is that there was scared kids in the car (by kids I'd say early 20's, J & his wife are late 30's). The hand gestures he saw was because a couple of them were deaf.
J is so big that it took two sets of cuffs hooked together, and when he was telling us the story (8 hours after he was released?) he still had the cuts in his large wrists.  He had to sit sideways in the back of the car, and his large shoulders touched both sides.  They tried to get him to lay down, but he wouldn't, because he couldn't fit.

He was charged with Reckless Driving, Harassment, Disorderly Conduct.  His wife insisted that when he called from the jail that he sounded like he was almost going to cry... telling her to come get him.  He didn't want to spend the night.  He denies the crying part, but admits he was scared.  Saying that he might've been one of the biggest guys in there, but he had many of them thrown in there from his job, and he definitely didn't want to get his ass kicked in jail.  Even though bail was $10,000, she didn't end up having to post the $1k for his release (which they don't have).  They did a second interview and released him on his own recog.  Court date is set for May 21.

Ironically enough, when it was all done, the wife is completely shocked.  It's so not his character!!
From my own YEARS of personal experience with the man, I'd like to say BULLSHIT.
(And deep deep down... it's about freaking time!  And deeper down I reaaalllly  would like him to get some jail time out of it.  Not saying that he necessarily deser

5/15/2012 22:56:33

LOL! Booze does funny things!


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