Right now life is like a big waiting game.
A countdown, if you will, to May 15th.
Tick tick tick.
Like I said, on the prior post....
the countdown started on Friday.
I got the job offer - via phone - for the new...
She assured me she'd get back to me Mon.
I peppered their email with questions on Fri and Sat.

And got (what seemed like a great) response on Saturday!!
I sent two more follow up emails on Sunday.
I spent all day yesterday stalking my email (at my desk, at my current job, while painfully trying to work... but packing my house in my head...and dreaming of this potential move).

Inbox. Click. Inbox. Click. Refresh. Refresh. refreshrefreshREFRESH. Checked their website to see what kind of benefits they have (aside from 200 + properties - which is almost 4x's what ours has - they even have a 401k!!)  I also checked to see if they were actually advertising this position (that I heard of from my bff, because it's her job I'd be replacing, she referred us). They aren't - so I'm hoping that the fact that they called us is a good sign.  Inbox check. Inbox check. Click. Inbox. CLIIICCK.

At 4pm she called my cell phone!
She seemed  Happy that he had answered my questions. Happy we're interested.
She said the the next step is the recruitment lady will be calling us s-o-o-n and setting up an interview.  I assume that s-o-o-n is SOON since they know we are currently working (would need to put our 2 week notice in) and the position is needed filled May 15th)
Our 12 year old is wanting to move.  I think my burnt out of HERE has bled into his emotions too.  He is waiting til he can rub it in to evertone that WE ARE LEAVING and they are stuck here.  We've told the little guy that it's all Mommy's Dream for now.  But he's ok with it.  As long as I can take him to the beach whenever he wants (Pacific Ocean is 5 miles away.)  And he on getting to go see the Sea Lions whenever he wants (for $20 for him/I we will see them as much as we can... the cave is also really close)

Butch has taken to teasing me every chance he gets.  "But honey.. it's all about the MONEY MONEY MONEY and if D offers us a raise to stay... well you could be going without me..."
And at my look of utter horror, frustration, tears... he comes back with "KIDDING!! You know I'm going to pick on you until the day we get there."

He's ok with it.  He's a little not happy about the fact he will be getting a little less.  But since I've been able to adjust how the budget goes, after his portion of bills, his $ left in his pocket will be the same.  So he's ok with that.  And the thought of us having a 401k plan is actually a happy thought for both of us.  He said that he just wants me to be happy.  Which doesn't relieve my stress any. At. All.

Tick Tick Tick

This one could really happen folks.
Or I will be reaaaallllyyy disappointed.

4/17/2012 22:38:55

Oh what TORTURE!!! I hope you hear from them soon!!

4/18/2012 01:04:55

I have my Fingers & Toes Crossed!!


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