So for many many many months I've been whining to my sisters that I can't seem to find a close-neighbor friend. (I have a few far-neighbor friends. Just now close-neighbor friends. I just could use one that lives nearby is all!)  Probably due to reasons like Lack Of Trying in my Lack Of Free Time.

And in the past few weeks I've developed two of them! Both named Jen!

Jen #1 is beautiful. She looks straight out of the Snow Bunny catalogue. Blonde hair that she waves into the Perfect Curls. Perfect Makeup. Complete with the skinny/curvy body that's draped in the skinny jeans with the cutesie fluffy boots that go on top. We met by chance. They live across the blackberry patch from our complex. Her airheaded hubby sent her son Dylen to come play at my place. We've never met any of them before. By "we" I mean Butch & I. Apparently Dylen is in Xav's class at school. He shows up at my place w/ a note from dad with his phone # on it. Strange since our apartment is one in the middle of 48. Which is in the middle of 8 different 4-story buildings. Which he would NEVER BE ABLE TO FIND if we didn't tell him which # is ours. But after exchanging #'s and finally getting to meet her, we've all had a long laugh at the story since than. The 4 men in my house have mad crushes on her and fight over who gets to take Xav on playdates. And even Butch is enjoying hanging out with her soon-to-be-ex-hubby and her male-roommate that live there (long story). He spent three hours over there the other day just hanging with the guys watching the kids play. (Thank goodness I can see there parking lot from my porch or I dare-I-say-it might have gotten a might suspicious.). She's a doll. Her prettiness took me aback at first. But her bubbly sweetness just sucks you in. The way she hugs-and-kisses-my-cheek when she first sees me (like we've been bff's for years) is really hard to run away from. She's been sick a lot the past few days. And her phone likes to delete all the #'s from her phone randomly (including the #'s to the men in her home). But than I text her and responds with "Hi Sweets! I MISS YOU!!" And I'll admit. Slight girl crush. It's nice to have a girl seem to geniunely like you and want to be your friend.

Jen #2 is also beautiful. She's like a tiny little elf girl. Looks so fragile. But tough as nails! And I don't stress that just cause her and her man own their own online gun store & are usually packing. Although I did fall in love with her handy little weapon of choice. I regret not meeting this precious one sooner!! My baby Roo visited her when she was down last summer. I just kept sticking it on the back burner. "That's nice" (I'd tell myself) "Roo has a friend that lives here." And I'd see her on fb from time to time. And I'd throw random comments her way and vice-versa. Than one day I'd Had Enough. I was feeling like Jen #1 wasn't really necessarily a "genuine" friend but more of a Mom Who Has a Son Who's A Friend Of My Son and Is Just Trying To Be Nice To Me (did I mention that when I run into her hubby he's been stressing HOW SICK SHE'S BEEN?? did I also mention that I have HUGE insecurity issues??). I was feeling caged in by the 6 men in my house and my lack of a Life and lack of Free Time and lack of Friends. It was a random day we were fb-ing. And I sent her my #. And she texted me. And I was over the next day with my kiddos. And the rest is history! She is great! I LOVE the fact that we know the same people and grew up in the same area and were implanted to this town in the same year! I love how are kids are sooo much alike. And we get along so fabulously!! (I want to make her the Jen #1!!). One Monday when I hid at the nature trail with the kids - I called her!! And we had a Great Laugh!! And yesterday we were texting each other some more!! I REALLY LIKE THIS GIRL!! I REALLY REGRET not taking the time to meet her sooner!! My kids had a great time with her kids!

It is great to
a) have girls that are friends
b) not have Butch (for the FIRST TIME IN OUR RELATIONSHIP) have insecurity issues about it.

I visit with them and he doesn't NAG ME and BLOW UP MY PHONE the whole time!!
4/1/2011 12:46:38

yay! alfie found a friend!!

4/26/2011 17:53:28

Oh how awesome is that!!?!??


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