So since May 1st I've been on a mission.  For myself.  To actually stick with something.  I'm a terrible procrastinator.  I'm not even good at consistently putting my foot down with the children.  I have a tendancy to play the card of "I understand what they're feeling and if that were me... I wouldn't want to be treated xyz."  No matter how I tell myself I can't be their best friend 1st and mommy 2nd.  Anyways.  Back to sticking with something.

Since May 1st of last year I've tried to
a) exercise regularly
b) eat better

I know I sound like the typical diet commercial.  But I don't mean too.  I won't stand on a soap box or be daily blogging my food journals and caloric intakes.  That's just not me.  I admit I sneak a peak at others from time to time (like roniswiegh).  But just to come up with food ideas.

At the pic on right (I'm the dark haired one in the middle) I was about 196.  This morning I weighed in at 156.  I've been sitting at this steady weight since November.  Yes! I'm excited about losing 40 lbs.  What I'm not excited about is that I've BEEN STUCK

It's just that I still try to make healthier eating choices. 
I still try to eat 5 meals a day (well 3 meals and 2 snacks).  And I still workout 3-5 days a week.
I'm sure that's a huge part of the stalemate. 
I was working out 5-6 days a week.  I alternate different circuit training routines, some with my 3lb weights, and some days throw some running in on my eliptical machine.  I busted out 3 miles in 25 minutes the other day.  For a girl that's
never stuck with sports, do to a lack of endurance,
I was patting myself on the back.  I'll admit.

I am happy that I am picking up healthier eating habits.
I am.
And if I have a day where I want to eat crap... I indulge.  Granted I don't eat a large fry anymore.
I might only eat about 10 fries. 
And I tend to opt for a diet pop or a regular, when I indulge in pop.
And I LOOOVE my chocolate.

But it's frustrating when you look in a mirror and you are working your fanny off and you've hit
a stalemate in progress. FOR MONTHS.

I'm half tempted to erase this whole dang blog entry, though.

Because I know that I have SO MUCH in my life at the moment TO BE THANKFUL FOR that I don't feel
like I have the right to gripe about a STALEMATE followed by such a great weight loss.

So I have decided to TAKE A WEEK OFF. 
I'll still keep an eye on the food that I'm eating.
But I'm not going to work out (other than the daily walking around the complexes or to school and
back for Xav.)

And I'll make a fresh start again on Monday.

In the meantime I'm going to focus on my kids.  And keeping a good attitude. And enjoying life.
Since oftentimes my brain just clicks-clicks-clicks so much it's hard to focus on the little things...

Ah well.. starting to ramble. 

3/10/2012 06:31:23

Stalemate or not- I am beyond impressed! I joined Weigh-Less last February, lost and gained all of 6lb and attended maybe 10 weigh-ins! I'm pathetic when it comes to this kind of thing!

3/11/2012 20:16:51

I think you are fantastic! Between your cupcake business, your ADHD awareness, your Knucklehead, raising a guide puppy, and doing your Ford events. F-a-b-u-l-o-u-s!! I would love to go to Africa & enjoy some of your frosting covered goodness!!!


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