Dear Darla

It's 7:39 pm on Wednesday, March 31, 2010. We leave tomorrow around 3pm to head to your house with the brats (as soon as Xav steps foot of the bus).

Your nephews are busy bouncing off the walls. Their beds aren't made. Their teeth aren't brush. They are nowhere near ready for bed. They keep asking me when they get to pack their stuff. I keep telling them as soon as I collect all of the clean clothes piles together. As soon as...

I woke up at 3am this morning. Walked Mocha. Was out in the dark, in my pajamas, blind-as-a-bat-without-my-glasses and after 15 minutes I gave up trying to get him to go potty. After an hour of cuddling with Butch my mind was busy multi-tasking my many monthly bills and debts and I gave up and got up. I decided it was as good a time as any to get started on my office paperwork at my dining room table. I made great headway too .... until..... I hit the office.

By lunchtime my nerves were shot. I was on a roll getting piles done, when one-after-another people came in to meet with me. Three of those pretty much wiped out whatever headway I thought I had. Around that, I was busy watching my Mocha get tortured by a neighborhood dog-bully. Poor Butch got the rundown at lunch.  Wouldn't you know it, though, the Dog Bully was fully reformed with a Pepperoni Stick after lunch. But with 2.5 hours left until the kids get home, not enough got accomplished after that.

Once we actually got settled in to the house for the afternoon/rest of the day - my brain is poop. I'm E-X-H-A-U-S-T-E-D.

I need to
1. haul the clean clothes to the couch from the spare bed
2. fold and put away them
3. help the kids pack
4. pack my things
5. put the kids to bed
6. go to bed

Good news D! We found someone to Mocha-Latte-Sit!! Sue & Dude won't hate me after all!!

And amidst the "I want my Pillow!" crisis - the truth of it is..... I get to see my Darls in a little over 24 hours!

I miss the days that we lived in the same towns and carpooled to work. When we picked up our dolla golden arches lunch and ate at the local park. When we'd run across for an ice cream run in the middle of the afternoon because my prego butt was having a craving. Getting to load up and go to church together. I know we talk a thousand times a day... but I can't wait for the day that Spanky gets a job that puts us together again. This weekend will be fabulous and full of hugs and pics. To hold us off until the next blessed visit. If you get to go to Germany I will heart the fact that you get a once-in-a-lifetime oppurtunity, but I will selfishly miss you horribly!

I love you Darla. When we are old and gray and side by side in our rockers at our nursing home room playing our pinochle - I still will.

P.S. - can you crochet Mocha a skully sweater? The rain in Oregon is making him cold.


4/1/2010 15:16:33

I too cannot sleep. It is your fault. I shall blame you.
I miss those days as well. Good thing we will need to get you a vid camera and we will vid chat daily ... if my some fluke of luck we do get a small trip to Germany.
I am oh so glad you are coming to visit! The boys just need to understand!

4/2/2010 21:38:51

You two sound as excited to see each other as my sisters and I would be if we lived far apart!
Gotta love that.

Morgan Dobson
4/9/2010 23:12:07

I so wish I could be there too. I would love a happy Bex, Gin, Morgie reunion. Preferably before my funeral!


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