**Disclaimer #1 - Butch didn't even see it coming
**Disclaimer #2 - No matter how this sounds, remember that I don't regret my child hood or upbringing for a second.  Our house was filled with 100% love and NO Matter What our NEEDS were always met!  We were never homeless.  And we always had a bed on a frame, clothes on our backs, food on the table, and a family who loved us.
**Disclaimer #3 - BUTCH DIDN'T SEE IT COMING!!

I love love love love love my husband.  But after 6 years I've figured out something.  My husband is rarely content with what he has.  He buys lottery tickets like they're going out of style because he's dumb enough to actually think there's a minute chance in hell that he could become a multi millionaire.  He runs through vehicles like their water, instead of just sticking with one.  He can't just buy one pair of jeans at a thrift store, he has to buy 5 new pairs at a store (although I'll give him credit, he'll concede to Walmart instead of the really ridiculously expensive brands... even though given the $$ he'd shoot for spendy name brand..).  He goes through pets like they're a disposable income.  He watches Secret Boss and yells things like "Where's my Secret Boss who will give me $$??"

Yep, it was this last one that made me lose it.  It doesn't help that I'm EXHAUSTED. But stand back jack, I'm breaking out the soapbox.... and I quote....

When was the last time that your mom dropped a garbage bag full of hand-me-down cloths from the ugly ass dressed chick at your church and insisted you better find something in there to wear?  When was the last time you got the pleasure from getting your summer at-home poodle perm (not for a poodle -- that's just how the curls on my head turned out)?  Or the I-don't-have-the-extra-$10 so I'm going to go ahead and cut my daughters hair so that she can try and salvage it with grandma hot rollers so that the other kids won't openly laugh at her?  Let's really enjoy the homemade dresses that mom made that ... well... is NOTHING like the picture that the model on the outside shows?  How about the car that dad fixed that no longer has reverse, so we all get to get out and push it backwards out of the mall parking lot space?  I really enjoyed hip-checking the van door closed in my prom dress while at my pre prom dinner date.  Have you ever had to plastic your trailer windows, followed by cuddling under layers of blankets with your sister, next to the space heater (that you're praying won't get your blankets on fire)?  Of course the other high school basketball players on your team won't mock you when they see your generic, cheap, ugly shoes.  And no one will ever guess you just bought your grandson a pair of blue women's keds, since you ripped the tag off.  Wear those patches on your jeans to school proudly kids!  On my Christmas wish list I had it narrowed down to "black sweater" or "blue sweater"... because, let's face it, that's the best shot your'e gonna get.  I made the mistake of asking for over-alls once (hey! they were In Style!) and got men's krispy dickies that even my grandpa wouldn't have worn...

...end quote...

My husband will bitch because he was adopted.  
Ya, Adopted by a lawyer.  Who might've shipped them to overpriced boarding schools.  But we're talking kids that were ONLY placed in Name Brand clothing.  They lived in Southern Cali - so their name brand was way more spendy than our small-town-Oregon name brand.  His dad had a chauffeur, his own limo and cook on staff.  We're talking a man that had multiple theraputic beds in his house.  Fancy cars.  A backyard inground pool and hottub.  An intercom system in every room - and all bathrooms - of the house.   The man is on his 3rd mail-order bride.  No I'm not kidding.

I was raised poor.  And I know that if I plan on living in Oregon for the rest of my life I will never be remotely rolling in the dough.  And I'm ok with that.  My childhood taught me to live within my means.  Be happy with what I have.  Don't get me wrong.  I still go thrift store shopping for my clothes.  But I try and stick my kids in name brand (sometimes I find them with the tags on in the thrift stores, and sometimes on clearance at the store).  They only get name brand shoes, not the most spendy ones, but I like shoes that they won't get mocked for AND won't fall apart a week after you buy them.  (And I'll admit that the majority of clothing I buy for myself are freebies from Twin or thrift store finds.)  Since they're boys, Butch can help with the haircuts, or they go to the barber.  And we might not spend a fortune for the holidays, but I try and get them something they want.  

I just get a bit irritated, and too often point it out to him, when he gets on one of his "not happy with life" kicks.  He never verbalizes it.  Thank Gawd or he'd have been gone a loooong time ago.  But when he gets, or gets rid of, a vehicle or pet AGAIN I just get so ANGRY.  When I find another stash of scratch-it's in his car door I think CAN I HAVE AN ALLOWANCE EQUIVALENT TO THE AMOUNT YOU WASTE ON THOSE??   So ya... when he muttered at the show I chewed him out.  It's ok.  He has hearing problems anyways, so he used his "Selective Hearing" powers from his Good Ear and tuned me out.  How do I know that?  He spent the entire conversation grunting "uh huh" and watching the tv while channel flipping... no matter how many times I stopped and asked for his "Undivided Attention."
9/30/2012 20:02:21

I hear ya!
We grew up in South African "middle class". We were four kids with two working parents, we had a roof over our heads and we had our own beds. We never went hungry and take-out was a once-in-a-blue-moon payday treat. We wore hand-me-downs, home-made clothes and my mom cut our hair. We went to good schools and we had cake on our birthday.
I raised my boy very much the same way.
When I hear my knucklehead muttering about how he can't have the labels he wants or how he wishes I could buy him a car I want to smack him on the back of the head and tell him to count his blessings.


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