There I was trying to have a nice stepmom to 19 yr old chat, and my phone bleeps with a message from his mommy. One of the meanest messages I've ever gotten that made me want to throw down and beat someone. (More realistically, get my ass beat trying... but it would've felt pretty damn good anyways.).

And, because I was trying to get the Mommy Of The Year Award, I not only showed Zach but I Read It To Him. Every last cruel word.

He was having a bad night and called his mommy. And in true upset teenage form, he vented. And E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G that had been ever said to him the past four months, and many things that WEREN'T said and many things were STRETCHED and EXAGERATED. And he made himself one unhappy mama bear. Ironically the past month Zach and his dad and his uncle have been going rounds and rounds and poor attitudes and words flying. But with each other. Not me.

Shit hit the fan because cranky teenager vented to mama bear. And I got the result. Because I'm the step mom. Because I'm skinnier (not skinny, just skinny-er) and prettier and 13 years younger than her. And because she looks like a 70's trailer park reject, complete with the feathered bleach blond mullett, the saggy mens faded out jean shorts, the ugly man tshirt, the kmart white old mans tenny shoes and the tube socks. I said it. Tube socks. There isn't an adult employed in her house, they all milk welfare and under-the-table jobs. And apparently it's all my fault.

And I was angry.
And I read him every last word of his mother's love to me. 
And I stormed off and found his dad and I read it to him.
And I calmly came back to the apt and found Zach again. 
And I had a nice calm chat to him on the whole thing. 
And I went and hung out with Jen for awhile to help get calmed down.
And I took her advice.

I texted mama bear my response: "Do you need a hug?"

5/14/2011 13:57:29

I dunno if I've said it before... but I am so glad I'm not a stepmom. I really dunno if I could handle such drama...

5/14/2011 14:42:34

Ironically enough normally the only drama with them is little arguments her and butch have over the phone. Z is a real quiet step kid. Around me he's normally pretty good. But the quietness is usally deceiving and ends up blowing up in our faces.

When I first met B I didn't even meet his son for the first 3 years of our marriage because of how far away he lives.


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