Woke up from this fabulous nightmare at 2:17 this morning...
Dream #1:
Showed up for a "surprise visit" at my parents house. I say surprise because dad helped us plan it & mom didn't know unstil she saw the pearly whites of our eyes at her front door.  "We" was me, Butch & the kids.
What I WASN'T expecting was to find my sisters there.  One had caught a plane in from th emid-west & other from out of country.  Normally this would make me the happiest person on earth.  What didn't was when they started chatting.  Rue says "Yep... Surprise! I wasn't originally planning a last minute flight to here for the weekend." Twin says "Ya. But we agreed that some conversations were better broke to the family to their faces." 
Reason it was such a vicious nightmare: Twin was needing to tell us all she was just diagnosed with the big C (and I don't mean Candy)).

Of course this wakes me up in a panic attack (and the strong need to go pee) at 2:17am (3 short hours ago - Ugh).

#2 When I walked upsatirs to have said pee time - I found the living room lights on and my 9 year old frozen in place.  Standing in the living room with a baseball cap & nerf vest over his shorts.  And a plastic sword ready to fly thru the air.
At the shock of mommy catching him he immediately flew into bed.  The whole way muttering under his breath a string of i'm-in-so-much-trouble-you're-so-mad-at-me.
I must let you in on a little secret.  This night endevour is not his fault.  We recently began a little trial with his doc to up his doseage on his adderall a teensy bit.  (We have a follow up apt with him next week on it).  It seems like it's helping tremendously with schooling, and focusing on homework.  Downside?  This is the second (possibly third) time this week he's woke up wide away in the middle of the night.  Fortunately it's the first time I've actually woke up (I'm tried to get him to wake me up... like he would've a year ago).  I grabbed my pillow and my phone/alarm clock and crawled in bed with him.  Petted the back of his neck (ironically enough this is how Butch gets me to sleep too..) and let himself chat himself into the two of falling asleep.

#3 Dream #2 was a whole other line of weird. 
My mom surprised me into taking me into get a haircut.  I haven't cut my hair since July of last year.  It was a pixie style & I'm tryiing to grow it out.  Just yesterday I could pull off a small pony.  Although it's so many lengths I'm embarassed it show you... if I can just leave it alone until this summer I will be able to trim it & still get it into the ponytail.  Anyways - back to the dream.  Me & mom in a beauty parlor.  This was a funky set up.  On the wall was pics of a group of women sitting around.  All of them had random curly styles that looks like they required (at the very least) and curling iron.  When I told the lady I wanted a trim she pointed to these and said "pick one.  We've done a poll and these are all the popular/appropriate style for women 30s-50s."  Um. No.  They aren't.  And even if in this stupid dream this is the case, it's NOT what I want.  I asked her if anything was ok? NO.  I asked if she had any of those hair magazines? NO.  I than started randomly running around the shop finding the tabloid magazines.  Other shop workers kept leaning over my shoulder criticizing the styles.  NONE of which was what I wanted.  I wanted it closer to even, so it lays flat when I blow dry/straighten it.  I was sooo frustrated!!

Than the delightful alarm reminded me it was 5am and I do have a 1000 things to do before I can leave to see the parentals for my mommy's surprise visit. 
Now as long as my sisters don't make Dream #1 in it's entirety come through... I'll be all set! (I will probably still be a bag of nerves when I get there...because sometimes stupid dreams like that can get in your brain.... GET OUT OF MY BRAIN!! I DON"T WANT YOU THERE!!).

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