It's been a year of Nightmares when it comes to Pets in our household.  A year? 18 months? But who's really counting. Our pit bull/boxer we've had since I was pregnant with Austin had to be put down a little over a year ago. He was my first baby.  But he was old and cancer was ravaging his once lively body.  My only regret is that we didn't get his ashes and put them in an urn for the mantel.  The kids like to ask their grandparents why they didn't bury him in their back yard.  In January we gave our two guinea pigs and their babies to a good home.  Guinea pigs were stupid pet ideas for us. Thanks Twin for telling us this ahead of time!! We actually gave them away for free, complete with their monstrous cage.  They stunk soooo bad and we gave them to a lovely young 20's girl who loves them to pieces.  Next was our dog Mocha.  My chihuahua/daschund baby.  Had him for almost 3 years too.  He went everywhere with me.  Slept under my desk during the day and in my bed under my covers at night.  He also had a severe skin condition.  One tiny flea and he'd chew all his hair off.  We battled this a few times.  The constant vet bill was becoming a financial burden.  So we took him to the Humane Society and I bawled my eyes out where we first got them.  They were able to clean him up and adopt him to a great home.  (We know a lady who works at the Shelter.).  Well Mocha was the beginning of November.  The past two weeks we've been battling with our super lovey fat awesome cat Tiger.  He caught a hell of a virus.  We must've easily spent over $300 (of $ we really did have a lot of extra to be spending) with vet bills and blood work at vet bills and overnight stay for fluids/meds at vet bills.  And he gradually just kept getting WORSE. Yesterday Butch had to take him in to be put to sleep.  Which just rounded out a really crappy year for pets.  And made me burnt out to ever want more for a really long while.  We still have Midnight.  She's our petite black kitty that we've had for two years.  She's semi-social and loves to climb in my xmas tree and throw ornaments at me.  She loves to sleep on the kids bed at night and she loves to climb on things like our doors.  We were up all night Saturday night worried she was outside in the 20 degree freezing weather, and it ended up that she'd spent the night inside my dresser.  Anyways we're down to her and our 2 russian tortoises.  Thank God they're super low maintenance.  And she loves to sit on their cage and spend hours staring at them.  I love what few pets we have, I'm just really bummed out on the pet thing right now.  Why is it that we fall for pets? Why can't we find the PERFECT one that fits in our family?  Is the one cat and two turtles the answer? Why won't my Magic 8 Ball give me the answers I desire?? Why MAGIC 8 BALL... WHHY????  I'm just working on keeping the good ol chin up for the kids.  Christmas is right around the corner and grandma and papa are coming to spend four days with us! And we're taking those four dWoohoo!!
1/8/2012 21:49:40

im so happy you got the tortoises and Nala and so sad about the rest :( after my own kitty experience I understand!

1/10/2012 18:19:44

Nala & Midnight are great cats. Midnight has trained herself to even cry at the door when she wants to go outside and go potty. And tortoise's are fabulously low maintenance. And live for-e-ver. I'm sure I'll be stuck with them until I have great grand babies. Or you will. What-evs.


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