10:22 pm, Friday night - fell asleep with Xav watching Harry Potter and Half Blood something-er-ther
1:05 am, Saturday morning - woke up to sound of Xav talking to himself? Could of swore heard him say "You f*er!" loud and clear. Realized there really WAS a loud buzzing going off. Yep. It's the outside fire alarm. Made a mad dash for the stairs. Third one up nailed them with my knee. Made it to the door to be met by one of my tenants. "It's ok. My man saw three kids in a truck pull up and jump out and pull the alarm. He caught one of them and wrote down their plate #." Went back inside and let Butch go out and wait for the officer to arrive. Brought Xav to bed with me. Trying talking back to him to find out he was sound asleep. Woke up every couple of hours to him talking. Blankets kept rubbing on skinned knee. Note to self: queen sized bed that USED TO seem ginormous is not big enough for me, hubby, 7 year old and 12 lb dog. Need to keep eye out for bigger bed. Need 11 year old home so 7 year old will sleep in his own room.
6:30 am, Saturday morning - have to go pee. Didn't sleep very well after fire alarm. Going to finish watching Nurse Jackie On Demand. Called Twin and left her a message.
7:42 am - Xav woke up, changed channel to Fan Boy & Chum Chum
7:49 am - twin called, chatted with her for awhile
8:22 am - Butch woke up, complaining about his lack of sleep, told him to Join The Club
8:25 am - played PS2 with Xav - gave up on Harry Potter & rocked out to Guitar Hero
10:02 am - let Xav happily ride his bike, sat on the couch to milk my fast-growing headache and watch some more Nurse Jackie
10:24 am - got a text Austin is headed home a day early, started picking up the house while watching tv
12:10 pm - Austin got home, full of attitude & needing a shower. He managed to leave his brand new shoes (we bought him the day we left him there)...
2:30 pm - not sure where the day went???
3:39 pm - got a report that a neighbor girl fell down two flights of stairs and is headed to the hospital with a possible concussion. Have a raging migraine. Took some headache medicine with some Dr Pepper. Tryed talking to the neighbor. Went to the toilet to vomit
5:00 pm - Woke up
5:15 pm - stopped by a tenants house to do some move in paperwork. drug the kids through grocery store
7:23 pm - squeezed in a phone call to my daddy
7:45 pm - finished making dinner and started eating it
9:28 pm - getting kids ready for bed, hoping they will fall asleep so that maybe mommy can squeeze in "alone time" with daddy before we both fall asleep yet again from exhaustion

Where do the days go?? Time flies and sometimes I'm not sure WHAT is accomplished?
8/9/2010 05:22:30

Oh yes it does fly by. Had two fabulous days off with BigSir. Didn't do too much. Enjoyed the cuddling, smallish catch up scrabble er discussion and the cozy comfort time around decorATEing. If all days off are like that the schedule might be bearable. The fact that there is an OCEAN between you and I ... we'll have to work on that.

8/10/2010 20:44:35

Some day I should write down my schedule so that you can see how you are not the only one that suffers through days of hell! Love you tons!

8/12/2010 12:59:56

Love you both too! You both live too far away!!


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