My cat is driving me nuts right now.
Technically we have 8 in our house.  That's about 6.5 too many if you ask me.
We have the 4 year old (a 2X Mama) Midnight (got her at 6 weeks old)
We have the 8 month old Nala (got her in February)
We have Fluffy (who turned 6 wks May 15th.. she's from Midnight's 1st litter).
And we currently have 5 babies who just turned 4 weeks... Midnight's 2nd litter:
Butch, the Gray one, Baldy, Pretty, Runty.

I want to take all of the babies and Midnight to the pet store.
The boys (and hubby) want to keep Butch. (He's a white Siamese looking one)
Today we were debating keeping Fluffy, Nala & Butch only..

My cats are a bit spoiled.  3 litter boxes that I scoop (at least) twice daily.  They have a big auto-feeder of dry food.  Kitten food on the floor level, and big cat food up on a higher shelf.  They get a can of wet food in the mornings.  Sometimes in the afternoon, because Midnight's hunger is insatiable because she's nursing.

I vacuum/sweep/wipe down bathrooms/clean kitchens every day.  The house is clean.

And yet we have suddenly developed fleas! Ugh!! I need to get some diatomaceous earth, because it's something I can treat the house with that is safe for the babies and will kill the fleas.  But our town is so small they have to get more & they won't be in until Monday!! I've been attacking all of the cats with a flea comb daily... and that's time consuming and only helps for a brief moment.  I have been combing the internet for kitten safe remedies.  We saw a suggestion of lavendar, but all I could find at the store was a lavendar febreeze.  We've been spraying the house with that, but can't exactly spray the animals.  I don't even want to give the grown up cats the flea drops, because they interact a lot with the babies, and it's not safe for the babies.  And I don't want an excuse for more of them to live on the babies.  Butch (the hubby, not the cat) has taken to spraying himself with Off!  Trying to give a valiant effort, since he's the only human they like to snack on in the house.

Midnight has taken to begging something fierce.  And the wet & dry food just doesn't suppress her appetite. Either that or she is just a pain in the butt who likes to eat.  Gah!! She doesn't just cry, oh no, she climbs on you, on the table, the counters, the couch.  I spray her with water and it pisses her off for about half a second.  Than she's right back to wherever the heck you don't want her to be.  Crying. 

None of my cats have ever been this obnoxious!!

Up until now, I've been a pretty happy cat person.  But today I am NOT.  Midnight is making me sooo angry!!!
8/10/2012 15:22:06

Edit your post twin ... Bathing and salt is a good help! And you must pare them back to 3!!!

8/10/2012 15:30:16

Yes yes. Consider this the edit.
We are doing salt & bathing instead of the DE.. since you're Mommy is the Bomb Baby!! And than I will update in a few days of how much bug free we are!!!

10/1/2012 19:24:08

Poor Midnight!


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