It's 12:24 on a Friday afternoon and I have all my worked wrapped up for the weekend.  I'm proud of how nice my desk and office is looking.  The guys have spent three days hauling things to their shop, and putting me up shelves.  Now all I want to do is sit down to Terra Nova OnDemand and crochet a poncho.

I've gone back and forth on things.  I've tore out the beginnings of three scarves, a hat and part of a stuffed thingy.  What to make what to make... I think that a comfy poncho would be really cute with a pair of jeans and really cozy when I'm sitting in my office - not that the rain is settling in.  I have a pile of some light blue baby yarn that will hopefully make a nice light weight one.  I even found a pattern for one that I'm excited to try. 

It's really easy (picture is located on my crochet/knitting pattern links at the top of this page). 

Ch 31
Row 1 - dc in 4th chain from hook and in each remaining ch , ch 4 turn (29 dc total)
Row 2 – skip a st, dc in next st, ch 1, skip a st, dc in next st, continue across, ch 3 turn (14 spaces)
Row 3 – dc in each ch 1 sp on previous row and in each dc, ch 3 turn (29 dc total)
Row 4 - dc in each dc across, ch 3 turn (29 dc total)
Row 5 - dc in each dc across, ch 4 turn (29 dc total)
Repeat with rows 2-5 until desired length, making sure you end with row 3
To close the poncho fold in half lengthwise and sew the top up to the point that feels comfortable on your neck and shoulders. This is an asymmetrical poncho.

It recommends a Q hook, which I don't have.  And when I started it with a much smaller hook, I tore it out and am going to run down and get a Q.  I'm also thinking of switching the dc to triples just to see how it looks. Gonna see how the bigger hook does.  Probably end up sticking to the doubles. Don't know for sure yet.

So I get in the house, start switching laundry loads. Set the timer to go off on the hour, so I can go down to the machine and do it again.  I quickly washed all the dishes and made sure that the house is all nice and tidy. 

But that's not really how it went.  Two loads and four plates in I'm nagging at the Brats to eat their pizza that I made them for their lunch.  Naturally it's much more fun to irritate the crap out of each other. Do you KNOW what he did MOM?? He ran over and FLASHED HIS BUTT AT ME!! ... and .... AAAAAHH!! Tell him to STOP making fun of me!! Jab, smack, finger pointing, etc etc. Finally got the youngest one done and mostly in his room. By mostly I mean stopping every few minutes to yell at him for coming back out to torture his brother.  His big brother.  The same one that's sneaking in the room to FLASH his BUTT at HIM.  Seriously kids?? WTF ALREADY!! Austin?? Why aren't you eating. My THROAT HURTS. He whines.  And grabs at it in full melodramatic.  My TOOTH HURTS. Whine whine snivvel snivvel.  By now he has full on crocodile tears rolling down his cheek.  What I should disclose at this point is that the child has a flair for the dramatics.  A. Flair.  He's taught himself to projectile vomit if he doesn't like his dinner.  He won't admit to it of course.  It's because he didn't feel good. Repeatedly.  After yelling at him for two hours to eat food he detests.  Because sometimes all the food we have is what he detests.  And we don't have a freakin money treee so he's going to eat it and deal with it. But back to the crying throatache.  So Sunday night he had a headache and a fever.  He was home Monday and Tuesday with the fever, throatache and headache.  By Wednesday the fever and headache were gone, but his throat still ached a little.  I couldn't see any spots when I looked at it, and he was feeling better, so I thought I'd save the 20 mile trip to the doc and hope it was a bug and was going to go away.  They've been home yesterday and today due to school conferences.  And he's still whining about a throatache.  So I got fed up at his stunt and lunch and called the doc.  We leave in an hour...

10/26/2011 01:39:56

Your yarn problems resemble my yarn problems.
Your hook issues resemble my hook issues.
Your illness, well let's face it I shared that across an ocean.

11/3/2011 20:12:32

I know I'm playing catch-up backwards... but your mom's idea about the spray bottle is sounding better and better the more I think about it!

11/4/2011 17:14:58



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