So today is the 1st. It's a deadline for us to have paperwork in so we don't get fines and what-nots from the govt. I must have sent the poor guy at least 20 for review this month, but I got them all in before his 25th deadline to have them on his desk in order to review in time. I still have four I haven't seen initial reviews on. Which means he could send me corrections Today that I would have to bust balls on to get back to him. Which will , of course, suck. That doesn't count the other four I have to drive around and try to get signatures on still (bercause when I spent an hour going door to door collecting sigs yesterday they weren't home). Or the fact that rent is also due, starting today. Or that I have Terminix showing up to inspect a building for nasty bugs, and one of those units will be getting photographed and a big nasty notice will have to be sent for review. Or that I have appliances getting delivered today. Did I mention that today is also payday, so that it would be nice to go grocery shopping? (Grocery shopping on the first sucks a** because of traffic and the fact that s when a lot of people get their checks, but it really is one of the only spare days we have and if we don't go right on the first we waste a ton of money going out to eat until we do) I need to go brithday shopping too, because tomorrow is Xav's 8th birthday! So if we decide to hold off groceries until tomorrow, we have to do it first thing cuz we want to take him and his bro and two other kids bowling (my idea for him - he's 8 and never wants to do anything). And than Sunday my parents are going to come over and meet us at the local Pumpkin Patch (one of those with two corn maze and free tractor rides to pick your pumpkin - grandmas idea since she did it with us last year, and this year pap can come). And they are coming back to the house with us for some visiting time and will leave on Monday. Monday/Tuesday is hectic rent days, and I have to go the airport Wednesday to pick up my adopted grandma.

So what I don't have, right now, is the patience to put up with him being late on getting me reviews for my piles! He even confirmed yesterday that he has them, and spent all day emailing me on corrections on a different one! Every month he hounds us and hounds us about the importance of deadlines, and I had them all in to him on time for review this month. I was so proud of myself! But I freakin was losing sleep about this last night! I had dreams about weird emails our corporate office sent out to a bunch of us about them, questioinging them (which they haven't ever done since I've worked for them).

To make matters worse I got out of bed at five, because I thought that was the time my alarm was going to go off, and it just now went off at 5:30.

I also failed to mention that my oldest son has been milking an ear infection the past three days, so around the hectic-ness I've had to drop everything and run him to the doctor. He managed to squeeze out a sick day at home. And last night he kept screaming about it from his bed. I love him, but at 11 he has a flair for the dramatics.
10/2/2010 06:25:28

good gawd! all that hullaballoo looks like it blows ass! if i keep silent its cause u have enuf on your plate for a day or two! hug your baby for me! omg 8 already? wtf! i remember you so way pregnant with them both!!


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