Life is a helluva thing to happen to a person.

Sometimes life is frustrating as hell.

I've noticed that the older I get, the worse my short term attention span is. I focus real hard and I try to remember everything I'm being told... but sometime's...nada.

My mom raised us to Ask Questions. There is no such thing as a dumb question. If all else fails - Ask!
This is one of my husband's BIGGEST. PET. PEEVES. about me.
He fucking hates it when I ask him questions. I have this annoying way of doing it (which I tend to do without thinking) "Honey... I have a question!"
Which he responds - while rolling his eyes - YOU ALWAYS HAVE QUESTIONS.
How else do I learn things if I don't have questions?

Thanks to my job... I have very few friends. And 99% of the few I have don't live anywhere remotely close to me. So that leaves Butch as the top of the 24x7-close to me friend list. And because I am a *cough* "needy" person from time to time - I tend to unload it all on him. He unfortunately often gets too much of a play-by-play on my life. That's the perks of working At Home together 24x7x365 I suppose. I spent from age 18 to 25 in a marriage with a dumbass. Let's rephrase that. He was the equivolent of a High School Football Jock. The dumbass one that blocks for people that aint to bright. I wouldn't ask him to change the oil on my car let alone cook dinner or how to spell something. At one time I would have said he was attractive. Just not the smartest nut in the barrell. So I married this nugget three years ago. He can fix anything (auto or in the home), cook anything (without a recipe) and can take care of kids. And we manage apartments together. I can pound a hammer if I have to, and wield a paint brush if necessary and can wipe down counters. But the majority of maintenance needs I'm illiterate to. So I. Ask. Questions. For example - a few minutes ago - one of the contractors left him sample squares of plastic non-skid material. He threw a piece in some water in the sink to see what would happen if left in water. I made an offhand question about "why would tupperware change consistency in water?" Instead of answering me, he stomped in the kitchen, dumped the water out, took it out, and stomped back to the couch. I flipped out on him. "Why is it so hard to ask a frickin question? I wasn't being rude! I wasn't being naggy or bitchy!! How am I supposed to learn ANYTHING about our job if you can't answer a basic question?!!" He told me that he doesn't know how to answer my questions "right" (the way he thinks I want him to answer them) and that every answer he gives me I just ask more questions. And than he's sure I'll just get bitchy. WHAT. THE. FUCK!!

Unfortunately this is a recurring fight/argument we have at least once a week.
And every time I get super pissy and his non-talking ass just gets more sullen. Than I want to chuck whatever is within reach at his tiny, underdeveloped head!

I swear to God - every time shit like this comes up I wanta go back to the days where I can whack him upside the head with a frying pan! FUUUUUUUCCCCCCKKKKKKK!!!!!!!

How in the HELL did I manage to marry the one man who is SO. COMPLETELY. OPPOSITE. OF. ME????

Granted - the longer that G (my step-son's bff) is living here, the more I appreciate that he's not a cocky knowitall motherfucker like the last idiot I married & the follow up idiot I dated for a year. But still - I would appreciate it if he TRIED to answer a question for me.

Kinda like sex. (Yes - I'm on a rolllll here). He always just wants to get down to business. Not one much for foreplay - unless it involves getting him to attention (yes I know this is TMI). But he's not one for kissing. Yes - I mean Actual. Kissing. I beg, plead, cajole, bitch, nag, and beg some more to get this point across to him.
If you just take the few minutes to just give me a sexy as hell kiss..... you'd never here me bitch about everything else. Taking the time to put my face in your hands and give me one of those sweet as hell kisses and I'm weak at the knees!! But nooooooo. Those are reserved for once every six months. And THAN he has the FUCKING BALLS to tell me "SEE!! That's why you don't get those very often!!" Why is that you old bastard?? Because it always gets you the BEST. SEX. EVER????

GRAWRRRR!!! I'm pissy and raring for bear!!!!

I love the man COMPLETELY! But there are days I can't fucking stand him either.
3/26/2011 13:41:33

oh wow we all have those days. those: in utter and complete honesty could adapting to single life again be the worst thing inthe world? ::sigh:: i will call you.

3/29/2011 10:03:44

LOL... PMSing by any chance?
I also ask questions all the time and I think it drives my hubby round the twist sometimes because they often don't have an answer! They're just ponderings I speak aloud!

3/29/2011 13:14:26

Thanks for the call sis. It helped. And yes Angel- I'm thinking I probly was PMSing. I always realize that AFTER I've let the poor guy really have it!


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