So Butch has had it up to HERE with our little houseguests.

On May 1st, his son Zach returned home to Mommy Dearest. As much as I thought he was a good kid - deep down in his little heart he is a little boy after his mummy's heart aka Manipulative Little shit. In Zach's plot to up and leave (when they hit Cali his mummy showed up.. unbeknownst to Butch... and picked him up) - he abandoned his bff Greg at our house.

The first few weeks was still fine and dandy. Although not feeling the need to financially conribute (like he told Butch he would do...), he was getting his ass to/fro from work (35 mi away) daily. And his "free time" was spent hanging w/ his new car buddies he found. The problem is that he doesn't have a Daily Driver. So he takes the car he drives to/fro work out to the races and dunes, etc etc. Basically he beats Old Reliable to hell and back. And is such a little smart ass, that there's no telling him any different. Since he's been here that damn thing has broke down numerous times. Wouldn't you know it - but a week ago he finally blew the engine up. I TOLD YOU SO!! He mooched a ride from his friends on Thurs/Fri. He spent Sat with them doing GOD ONLY KNOWS WHAT. And on Sun he spent all effing day with his ass plopped on my couch. Not only did I not feel sorry for him, but I made it a point to hog my washer/dryer so he had to use the coin-operated ones. We, in fact, were away at Jen/Ben's Fri/Sat/Sun evenings - so there weren't even leftovers at our house for him/Timmy to snack on. *sigh* We came home Sunday and night and I asked him about work on Mon. And he told me it was Memorial Day. After breaking his heart that he was a week off, he didn't even valiantly try to make plans. So Butch gave him ONE freebie and hauled his ass to/fr work on Mon. Greg told him he only had $200 left, and needed to use it all to get a car - so Butch didn't even get gas$ for 140 mi (2 round trips) - and he drove him there in our Dodge Ram. Which is sooo not cheap on gas, especially at $4 a gallon. Butch told him that he wouldn't be taking him to/fr work again. Which Greg chose not to hear. (Tues) The next morning he was trying to get Butch to take him - even after he told him NO - numerous times. No means no. He tried hitting our mtc guy up. Harv told him to get a taxi. So Greg got a taxi - to take him 8 mi, to Scappoose to borrow a car from a buddy. When he got there, the car was already gone. He called Butch and tried bumming a ride - again. And again NO MEANS NO. A coworker came and got him and hauled him to work. At work he txtd Butch for a ride home. Once again NO MEANS NO. So Shit For Brains spent the night with some friends last night. Called at noon today from work - called my phone "Butch gonna come get me from work today?" No - Hi! Can he please... So I handed the phone to Butch. Butch told me clearly "I. DON'T. HAVE. GAS. $." This kid really needs to pull his head out of his ass. And since he's not paying rent either... It's only a matter of time before he's homeless too.

OMG. I could go on for hours on this delightful brother in law (note the dripping sarcasm). 39 years old. Has spent his entire life milking off off this person or that one. Never his own place. Doesn't hold a job for very long, because as soon as child support nabs him he quits. And we get the luxury of having him roll in and out of our home as Butch feels the need to take care of him. When Butch came back from Cali, we were back down to one car (the Dodge - his baby - his truck) and Butch had had ENOUGH of freeloaders. Timmy JJ is scared of Butch. And refuses to ask him for a ride 8 mi to BK. He called work repeatedly and told them it wasn't worth the $20 in gas to go to work for 3 hrs. So his two paycks in May were maybe $50 a piece. His pit bull likes to lay on the BACK of my couches. So I had to throw one away. And the rate I'm going I'll have to get rid of at least one more. He got a job at McD's in town here and started yesterday. Walks 30 mi to work every day. But him and his gfriend are breaking up, so he's been moping around my place for wks. When Butch was in Cali he ccame home one night drunk. I was furious. He's not allowed to drink around my kids. We rarely drink t all. But he's a terrible emotional crybaby pity-timmy drunk. So this night, he's fucked up. And Butch is in Cali. Later, when Butch got home & he was sober I told him clearly and precisely how that will NEVER happen again or I'll throw his ass out of my apt myself. We're fed up with raising him. Fed up with his mooching. Fed up with his ass-kissing. I have a man. He's Butch. He takes care of me. Timmy's been here a year. I've had enough. Butch has reaaallly had enough. But if we kick him out he'll be homeless.

Stuck between a rock and a hard place.

5/28/2011 01:39:50

Girl, I would so apply the tough love rules and kick him out! Greg and Timmy J!


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