Nothing with Xav is just Normal.  You can't Just run to a store or to the library or to grab some fast food.  It's never as simple as that. Ever.  He wanted to go with me to the library.  To get some form of anime books - Naruto? His new bff has him talking about them nonstop.  So he wanted to check them out.  The minute I step through the doors he's already asking mid conversation with a lady at the counter on where to find the anime books.  He briefly sat with me while I started the paperwork to get us library cards.  He was halfway across the counter playing with the ink pad to her stamp.  Halfway across the counter.  Than he decided it was all taking too long and was off to find his books.  And back with 3 of them before I could finish page 2.  And than off to find more books.  I joined him not 5 minutes into this fiasco and it all went downhill really fast.  I start looking at the Teen books (because, lets face it, sometimes they really are quite entertaining) and he started getting sidetracked.  There was these neat wheeled chairs next to the computers.  Which made for a fun way to wheel himself all around the teen section.  All-the-while saying MOMOMOMOMOMOMOM in his not-so-quiet library voice.  Hmmmm CAN I GET THIS MAGAZINE MOMMY? Heads off to the checkout counter.  Heads back with it CAN'T CHECK THIS ONE OUT CUZ IT HAS A COVER ON IT.  Heads back out (the Teen section is just a room inside the library) to the counter.  Ignoring the constant XAV COME HERE Xav Come Here XAV COME HERE from me.  I pile what books I found and head to the counter.  We got in a pleasant conversation with the nice counter lady on WHY RESIDENT EVIL BOOKS AREN'T MOMMY'S BEDTIME TALE OF CHOICE.  Because MOMMY IT'S OK.  I DON'T REMEMBER MY DREAMS IN THE MORNING. Well Honey, YOUR dreams keep Mommy up, and I remember them - so we aren't going to check them out.  XAVIER PLEASE GET AWAY FROM THE DOOR AND COME BACK TO THE COUNTER WHILE MOMMY FINISHES.  The walk to the car was no less interesting. MOMMY LOOK MY SHADOW IS HITTING YOUR SHADOW! ZOOOOM!!! As I grab his little shoulder and veer him away from the car that's trying to back out.  Made it in the car. Uh huh. That's nice Xav. XAV PLEASE TAKE THE SEAT BELT STRAP OUT OF YOUR MOUTH. Nicely patting his hand.  (He is a month away from turning 10...) Can I take my books outside to show Ryan?? Only on the back porch because I don't want to pay for ruined books. Ya. Cuz that was a good idea.  He spent 2 whole minutes opening and shutting and opening and shutting the back door.  Trading his 3 books in and out until he finally left them in in a huff. THEY MADE FUN OF ME FOR MY NEW BONKA ZONKS!  And he was (once again) no longer friends with them.
Mommy was so worn down that by the time we ran into Austin, I was super quick to give a YES when he asked if he could go to an Indian Ed Drums thing at the school from 7pm-9pm on a school night.  Why not.  It's educational, right?  He has Indian in him from both sides of the family.  We even googled what tribe it probably was from his grandparents in Southern Oregon, based on their small town gene pool.  What the heck.
Oh AND YES XAV I'M DONE BLOGGING ABOUT YOU so you can look at Bonka Zonks on the internet now...
9/12/2012 17:17:13

As an edited revision... Austin didn't end up going. He said it was because his gfriend was afriad she'd get in trouble for bringing her bfriend. Which was just fine, because it was one less thing to deal with. Xav broke down in a crying fit around dinner time and was in bed by 7, in his pjs, getting 30 min of some down time & than a book with Mommy...

10/6/2012 21:47:11

I just read the title of this post and it brought back a veritable FLOOD of memories!
Wow... That takes me back! And it is still so very much the same! Just our daily 10 minute trip to drop him off for his short walk to work is an exercise in super-parenting... that I fail most days!

10/8/2012 04:21:28

I was hoping that some of these behaviors would be outgrown by now. But, like I tell his brother, Xav's brain doesn't process things the same as the rest of us. We need to be patient.


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