So I've been a bit of a Slacker, Whiner, Meanie, Frustrated, Freezing Girl... as of late. 

Slacker Girl
I spent a week off because of Strep (as I mentioned prior). Than I spent from than until now playing catch up with things. And babysitting contractors and roofers. And I made myself ignore blogging & blogs & anything unwork related. So to make up for it, I've spent the past hour(s) getting caught up on the blogs I LOVE to read (stalk)... instead of doing my month end paperwork piles....  It's nice to be able to catch up on the lives of those I never would have been able to meet 10 years ago, before I became so tech-savy (blogs became so popular).
Whiner Girl
I am an Apartment Manager.  We run four complexes, and live on one of the sites.  We work for a Mgmt Co on a subsidized property.  Our tenants rent is based on their income.  I'm the Bitch who gets to calculate that out.  For 108 units.  Yes it sucks.  Yes it's time consuming.  And yes I'm good at that organizational/numbers/paperwork bullshit.  Not tooting my own horn, but I wouldn't have stuck with it for 5 years if it wasn't something I was capable of... Anyways. The owner of our properties died a few years ago, and his wife has been trying to unload these headaches they've owned for 30 years ever since he kicked the bucket.  The new owners were found.  Unfortunately they come with their own Mgmt Co.  We found this all out in a round about way in Sep at our annual conference. It became real the beginning of October when we spent 8 hours with a group of 12 people, between the investors, owners, mgmt, contractors, and my staff. 
The real part: with the new company.  That becomes effective JANUARY 1, 2012: they will
a) add AT LEAST one more kind of subsidy. Which means that every file I have (all 108 of them) will have their paperwork DOUBLED. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME!!! (I can toooottaaallly handle it. Eye roll.)
b) all of the tenants have to lease up.  Which means they all have to come in and sign 45 pages of lease addendums that have the new company's name on it.  Which I have to print up and write their info on.  For all 108 of them.  And along with "a)" it has to be probably done before Jan 31st. Yes, that's 2012.
c) they will be "rehabbing" all of the units as well.. Each site. Stripped down to the studs.  All siding, stairs, railing, landscaping, and interiors. Replaced.  Once it starts (they're anticipating Oct 2012), it will take a year. OHMYFUCKINGGOD!! Each tenant pulled out of their home for a max of 29 days to replace/fix the interiors.  It will look AMAZING when it's done.  Won't feel like the ghetto anymore.
d) We will be inspecting all units quarterly for at least the first two years.  Yep. Every three months.  Go in all the fucking pig styes.  Write down on the inspection sheets.  Take beautiful color pictures.  Inhale their toxic fumes. File a copy in the tenant file AND the maintenance file.  Write up that tenant for lease violations found.  Follow up & re-inspect said tenant.  Yadayada.
That is OPTION A.  Stay with the new company (that wants us), and survive Hell to get back into the swing of things. At least a YEAR of HELL, from the look of things.  We don't know yet what our wages will be.  But we've heard the company is great.  A couple of brothers, that own AND manage their properties and have lots of $$ to burn.  They buy them.  Come in and rip them to the studs and make them PRETTY and keep renting them out. 
OPTION B: Stay with the company we've been with for five years (and numerous sites... this one the past 3.5 years).  Our boss D has been working on bids for new properties.  Until that gets approved, he has nothing for us.  But there is a strong rumor coming from him, that this could be a Go. On Jan 1st.  We won't know anything until it's official, though, which it isn't yet. Where? When? Pay cut? The sad thing is that the mood we're in lately, he could call tomorrow, take 1/2 our pay, and move us to BFE and we'd probably go.  Because the stress of the serious overhaul of this place just makes my brain FREAK OUT!! I'm sure I'll update more as we know...

Meanie Girl
Point #1. I am in such a mood with people lately.  I am handing out 3 eviction letters on the 1st.  Sad thing is that I have them approved/and could do them today. But I'm waiting until she hands me $$ on the 1st.  And I'm handing them their 30 days. FUCK YOU BITCHES!! You SKANKY WHORES!! Young single mama's who run the druggie loser guys in their aptmts.  And think WE'RE STUPID AND DON'T KNOW.  What they don't realize is that the neighbor guy JOURNALS it all for me.  And I'm throwing them out!!
Point #2. How in the HELL can I get a 12.5 year old to STOP PEEING THE BED.  I try to be nice and patient and loving about it.  I baby him way more than I should.  But this morning the smell of pre-teen pee made me almost projectile vomit.  And I've taught myself to breathe through my mouth and ignore smells.  I just had enough.  IT'S FUCKING DISGUSTING!! It stinks!! IT STINKS SOOOO BAD!! So what'd I do? What I do every morning.  I bundled it all up.  I hauled it to the laundry room.  And I washed it.  And I sprayed disenfectant on his bed. *sigh*

My poor Baby.  Yes, the pee-ridden one I was just freaking out about.  God bless the little shit, he was born with mommy's guilty conscience.  He does the slightest thing wrong and will not only come tell me, but lose sleep over it. FOR DAYS. And keep mommy up about it FOR NIGHTS.  Last night was one of those.  Austin & Joshy were on the bus yesterday afternoon, on the way home from school.  Joshy talked Austin into helping him pick on a girl.  They stuck a post-it note on her backpack as she was getting off the bus.  It said something along the line of "I like balls".  He doesn't know if anyone saw it or if it just fell right off.  It was EATING HIM UP. And so him/I were chatting at 10 oclock last night.  He was fighting his closing eyelids-in-denial-of-them while he was telling me about it.  I told him "Honey, it's good that you feel bad.  That way you won't want to do it again.  Your uncle never felt bad for doing bad things.  And it snowballed into him screwing up so bad he's gone to jail.  A lot. The guilty conscience is a GOOD Thing. It's God's way of pointing out to you when you did something that's wrong." Ya. Not my finest moment.  I'm just not THAT PERSON.  I don't  think well on my toes.  I tend to just tell him stories about me that are similar to things he experience.  Which he will come back with a "Mom-- it's Not About You". Grrr.. Lol.. If Twin lived closer, this would definitely be a Twin/Big Sir moment.  WTF is the Aunt/Uncle's during this child rearing phase?? Germany & Illinois are not answers I want to be hearing from the two of you...

There's a downside from dropping almost 40lbs since last winter.  I'm FREEZING MY ASS OFF. It's 39 degrees and I'm SO. FREAKING. COLD. I crocheted myself a cowl... and wore it today, with my layers of clothes. My first cowl.  So warm. My fingers today? Not so warm.  Gonna crochet myself some mittens.

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