So I didn't get to go on my aforementioned play date after all. Thanks to my favorite nemesis The Migraine.

It started with a smallish headache. I hoped that my diet of tylenol and pepsi would chase it away. Of course it didn't. I crawled thru the shower and went downstairs to my room to change. Where I was hit with a bitch of a headache. OMG. It was awful. This pain crawled behind my right eye. I was immobile. On my bed. In a towel. Laying uncomfortably on top of piles of clean clothes. And I'm immobile. I couldn't even bear the light of my room. And yet I couldn't get up to turn it off. All I knew was that A) I couldn't open my eyes without wanting to vomit B) couldn't move without wanting to vomit C) the pain coursing from behind my eye ball was strobing it's way through my body. I couldn't move to turn off the light, or reach for my phone to call Larry to bring me a bucket to puke in. I finally summoned enough energy to drag my ass up the eight stairs to the bathroom. I barely made it in when I vomited up everything I've had so far to eat today. I'm still in the towel from after the shower. I lurched to the living room where TJ was "Sick again?" and I was "Where's your brother?" and I stambled back downstairs. My head and room was spinning. I swept the items from my bed to the floor, and passed out for a few hours. Woke up a few hours later and the headache was gone. Just a  little weak.

I'm not really good with keeping track of time, but my estimate is that I get them maybe once or so a month. Sometimes more. Sometimes less. I've found that with migraines I have in extremem sensitivity to light. Pounding headache that starts behind my eye. And no amount of drugs cures it. It usually starts as a small headache and works into a migraine. The only way I can get rid of it is to take a nap in a dark room. I'm not sure how other people go to the hospital when they get these. I know for a fact that if I crawled into a moving automobile with a raging migraine that I would coat it in vomit. No doubt about it. I just figure they're a part of life. Usually I get them when I get myself good and exhausted from life. They show up now and again. And go away a few hours later.

But looking on the bright side, I didn't do squat today besides dabble a little on  this here blog, nap, and watch tv....

1/23/2011 16:35:27

I'm sorry. I haven't had these in awhile. I barely tolerate baby aspirin when I do get them . sadly have yet to vomit but will agree that sleep is my only repair. Did u know ALL my girl friends in Spokane our ages get them too?? Maybe its in the rain.

1/23/2011 20:06:26

maybe... the crazy old lady i work with has NEVER had one.... but again she's crazy so it's hard to tell...


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