So it's been a whirlwind of baseball practices this past week.  I've been meaning to post pictures from last weekends visit with my parents... I will probably get right on that over the weekend... I've been reading The Mrs lists and thought I'd share a few of my own :) (In no apparent order...)

1. My twin's middle name is Anne and we actually say it "Ann, with an E". Because it is not Annie. It is Ann with an E.
2. At one point in my childhood we lived in a pink house.  To this day we refer to it as The Pink House.  For example "When we lived in The Pink House we were only five years old..."
3. My brother was a pill-condom baby.  One of those proofs that birth control is not baby-proof.  I use him as a daily example for my kids to remind them that abstince is the only fool-proof option there is. 
4. Twin was born 12 minutes ahead of me.  She was born head first.  I came out feet first.  When she was mad at me as a child she'd either tell me that I a) kicked her out or b) am the Afterbirth. 
5. At 16 years old, my twin sister and I had bunyons removed on both of our feet.  With our surgical caps on the nurses almost got us confused.
6. My little sister died her hair purple once.  For years I swore she did it with kool-aid, until she corrected me on it.
7. We tried dying my brown hair blonde once.  It turned orange.  We tried turning twin's hair burghundy and hers turned purple.  We went to a wedding with hair like that.  I even ended up in a dress with purple and orange flowers... that matched our hair!
8. The last week or so Xav has taken to pointing out to people that him and I have different last names. And isn't that weird?
9. Austin is going through a phase of wearing flat-brimmed hats.  And we all hate it.  But I insist on letting him  Even if it does look stupid.
10. I can not remember the last time I wore lipstick.  I think I've worn it maybe 1/2 a dozen in times in my entire life. And that goes for lip gloss too.  I rarely even wear chapstick. 
3/10/2012 15:26:56

i'm totally honored that you like my lists... i'd like to thank the academy, er, wait. nevermind.
as far as your list goes, we're practically long lost twins. when we first got married we lived in a house with a purple picket fence, which is how we always refer to that house.
Esme is the same kinda baby as your brother. despite all humans attempts to prevent her, she weaseled her way into my uterus. thank goodness for that :)
i have dyed my hair a million times as a teenager, to many different not so great results. my poor, patient mother!
and lastly, my oldest son is in a fedora wearing phase. it's blue and white striped with a red band around it. he even sleeps in it. but at least it covers up the really bad haircut i got him last week!

3/10/2012 19:46:44

Thanks for the credit on both accounts - I believe I may have to do a list. P.s. would it be odd if I transition to a blog with my name on it?!?! I don't think so?

3/11/2012 20:20:20

Purple fence. I LOVE it! Xav LOVES hats even more than Austin. I bet he would adore a Fedora!! (Ahem... Twin... please ship in next box from Germany). And Twin..It would NOT be an odd transition to change your name.

3/12/2012 14:47:21

We once lived in a yellow house and a purple house on the same street {we moved around A LOT} so it's just easier for us to refer to them by color.
BUT, upon further discussion, it turns out that no one can actually remember what either house was like on the inside or otherwise, the only defining features were the colors, hahaha! Oh well.

3/13/2012 21:31:33

We also refer to the houses we've lived in by their descriptions- the corner house, the green house, the cottage...


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