Sound Bits of parenting for the week

Austin's First Dance....

No Mom don't get me a new button up shirt.  If you get it for me I'M NOT GONNA WEAR IT!!  Mom it is NOT A DANCE.  It's a social.  So I'm not sure why they call it a dance BECAUSE NO ONE DANCES.  They just stand around chilling.  NO YOU CAN'T BE A CHAPERONE.  Because they don't have chaperones.

We  danced.  Yes mom we slow danced.  And she would put her head on my shoulder.  And than Mr B  came over and was all WHOA NONE OF THAT.  We're supposed to stay at least a hands width apart.  And G kept trying to take a picture of us and than we'd both back apart really quick.  She'd run to the bathroom. Mom everyone likes that Gangnam Style song.  When it came on there was a bunch of people dancing to it.  But She said it's a stupid song and we didn't.  What's up with that song anyways?  And later we were dancing and my friend was doing something funny and I laughed at it and She thought I was laughing at Her and she got mad and ran to the bathroom but when she came back she realized I wasn't laughing at her so she didn't stay mad at me.

(Since neither one of them like cameras.. or pics... I didn't get a pic of them before they left..)
Xav's Teacher Advice...

I have an idea that you can try.  It's like an old fashioned teacher's remedy kind of a thing.  For what we did for ADHD kids before there were meds.  Try a cup of coffee.  Don't try the soda pop because the sugar will just amp him up.  Instead of giving him his meds, give him a cup of coffee.  It will have the same affect as the meds, helping him focus.  It's why adults drink it in the morning.  Just don't give him both, the coffee and the meds.  Try it on a day, like a weekend, and see if it works.

(We haven't tried it yet, because I'm not sure if it will help or not.  And after spending 4 months on the move here without anything... I just want to get body back to the regular-ness of being on his meds... I'd love feed back on this whole thing though... I need to research this one more I suppose...)

Text from Me & My Mommy... (on Wed):

"We are driving to E.  Heading to W. for our companies annual employee conf tmrrw.  Leaving the brats overnight with dipstick.  If A didn't have his first dance (they call it a Social Mom.  No one dances) Fri they would've stayed til Sun.  They are already being super bratty..."

"Hmmmm. Sounds like "brats" as u call them r expressing a 'no desire' for gene donor dad.  Lol.  Don't kill them."

"Quite the opposite.  They've been picking on each other and bickering and attitudes for at least a week now... I thought it became the norm when he turned 13"

"Momentary oops in his age - Bicker/bicker-kill sibling is definitely the norm.  If grandma Nick wre here she would have long chats w/u"

":) that's why I call mommy!  Or days like today... texts..."

"Texts work good.  I needed breaks every few.  Lol.  Somehow Ruthie survived and look at her now"

"And we all get along now!!"

"Yup.  But you had to grow up.  Graduate.  Leave home."


(Me to A) Austin your dad's calling me names.

(A) Ya, so.

(Me) Austin your dad's calling me names.

(A) Ya.  He can.  He's your husband.

(Me to Butch) Do you hear that?

(A) Just punch him in the face.. it can't be that card... (I must note that this was laced in sarcasm as he headed upstairs to play his video games...)

(Sigh... the frankness of the children I've raised...)


10/6/2012 21:20:23

Got to love texts from mommy darling!
On the coffee thing- the caffeine may help for between 15 and 45 minutes depending on the person's metabolism. It can hardly do the same job as meds can.

10/8/2012 04:15:20

Good pointers on the coffee... I'm keeping him on the meds...


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