As I'm getting older (I know that 33 isn't OLD per-say) I'm learning more things about myself....

1. I enjoy watching Disney XD with the kids.  Pair of King.  Witches of Waverly Place.  Lab Rats.... etc... etc..

2. My brain and mouth don't always get along with how I want to word things.  For example:  last night we were eating ribs.  Austin asked me if they had bones in them.  My response "yes honey, you need to eat the bones off the meat."  I'd like to say it was a clever play on words.  I'd also be fibbing a bit.  At least he is old enough to find it cute AND correct me.

3.  I have yet to find a hairstyle that I really enjoy having long term.   At this age you'd think it should be on my Top Ten To Do List.

4. I'm in love with guacamole.  Nom nom nom.

5. I HATE car lots.  My hubby's favorite past time is test driving, drooling over, and wasting his time at - automobile dealerships.  Stepping on a car lot makes me break out in hives, twitch convulsively and cry hysterically like a 2 year old in a full blown tantrum.

6. I can't sit still.  If I'm watching a movie, I tend to crochet to keep my hands busy.  If the tv is off I'm busy sweeping, vacuuming, doing dishes, cleaning the litterbox.  At the beach I have to walk, and pick things up.  I can't just sit and shut my brain off.  It's going a million miles an hour.  Too much sitting still makes it start freaking out and stressing about time and space and eternal life and the vastness of things. 

7.  I swear too much.  And really would like someone to find me some magic pills to help me stop.  In HS instead of swearing (because my mom's backhand could come out of ANYWHERE for a potty mouth) we used substitute fun words instead.  I need to go there again.  My eldest loves to say "but why is a swear word a Bad word?? It's Just  A Word!!"  And because I'm not good at the answer for those things on the spot... my answer was probably something like: Because it is!! It's disrepectful and rude and um um. Stop doing it!

8.  I really heavily on my Hubby.  I spent 3 years as a Single Mom.  I ran my own life.  Worked.  Took care of my kids.  Lived in my own place w/ them.  When I met Butch I was determined to keep some of that Independence.  Ya Right.  I'm worse than I was with Hubby #1 (aka bio-dad).  OMFrankfurter.  He does the cooking, the majority of the driving.  He's the Disciplinarian of the house.  (Becaause, let's face it, I'm a giver-in-er-.  The whining is just too irritating.).  I do all the picking up, cleaning, OCD-type things I do.  We do all our grocery shopping together.  (Or he goes alone.  Rarely I'll go alone.  Moreso here - because the store is a block away.).  He's my memory on things...

9.  My memory is crap.  Sure I can multitask like a Mo-Fo on paperwork for work.  But I think multi-tasking and memory aren't the same.  Pretty Sure they aren't.    Where'd I put my keys?  Where'd I park the car in the grocery store parking lot 10 minutes ago? 
6/15/2012 08:35:27

I feel ya. A good thing I learned with #7 is that we swear because we are lazy ... using correct English takes work. And non of us are ignorant or unedumacated. For instance that flabbyslobbyahole of a baddriver makes us want to go all *&(%(*&# on them! Instead we call it how it is. Creatively refer to him as how he looks (think animals/colors/etc) or say 'it looks like he is too much of a hurry gettin' where he's going, it's ok if he cuts us off because we don't want to get into an accident!'

6/15/2012 08:36:35

p.s. LOVE the new layout and your little edited bio on the sidebar thingy. love it!

6/16/2012 19:29:58

Ditto on #6, 7, 8 & 9! I try to substitute "fork", "forkitall", "four five six" for the eff word...

6/17/2012 00:42:42

Good tips girls!! I'm gonna have to try it!!


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