There really is no way to prepare me for grocery shopping for 7 people, only 2 of which are kids, which makes it so much more mind boggling. Thank the virgin mary I called the food card before I swam through the rainy parking lot to the store and found out that the $150 on the food card WASN'T there (or I would have been crying at the cash register). Thank her as well that I was a good girl and brought enough cash to get it either way. I nixed the prepackaged sweets and instead bought a pile of $1 cake mixes and eggs. So I could make my own cupcakes, brownies & cookies.  I nixed the majority of the prepackaged frozen food and stocked up on meats. I was in a zone of grabbing quantities of things that would hopefully stretch. My poor 19 year old step son had a shocked face when he was helping unload the two overflowing carts onto the belt. His best friend couldn't wrap his voice around the $500 we spent, when he was helping us haul it up the two stairwells into our apt. (Which isn't all that much when you factor that it has to stretch for A Month. I used to spend more than that a month on 3 adults in my first marriage!! )

On the flip side, I kept Z (my step son) super entertained on the ride home. (He was nice and was spending the day with me.) Z & I in my little 1990 hatchback. It was dark as heck and pouring down rain. I couldn't figure out if the car was fogged up, if there was fog outside, or if it was just my vision. He thought it was hilarious how I argue with my GPS. Stupid outdated thing kept telling me to turn "soon" and always when I was two packed lanes from the one I should be in. So I'd just keep truckin until it'd eventually find a way to get me closer to where it wanted me to be. He's the kind of kid that makes sound effects at just the right time. I laughed so hard I nearly peed my pants. All way trying to conquer the freeway on a Friday night. Ya buddy.

3/6/2011 00:40:54

omadamn. ironically no that isn't a lot for a one month and that many adults including the two jr eating champions aka teenagers. you cant tell me the 18 yearolds dont have that capacity. i am impressed by your endurance. i'd have been swearing up a storm too.

3/6/2011 10:36:55

this is the first time I went for the whole passle of them... and in my brain i'm doubting i got enough to last even two weeks!! if forgot that one package of drumsticks now will be ONE meal instead of TWO!!


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