11:30pm, last night...

We woke up to Butch's phone ringing. He's immediately getting dressed and heading for the stairs. I (contact-less, bra-less & in pj's) follow him. Up the stairs and to the front door.

Butch answers the door.
The voice at the door to B - SHOW ME YOUR HANDS! (some muffled talking between the two)
B (over his shoulder) to me - You stay there (where I'm hovered on the couch)
The voice to B again - Hand me the keys to the office. (Which he did. Some more muffled talking.)
B shuts the door with a shocked look on his face.

"There was a cop at the door with a gun in my face. They wanted the office key. I'm not sure what's going on. They said we have to stay inside...."

He's interrupted by the door again. They ask him questions about what apartments are located in relation to the walls of my office. They take him to the office to show them. He brings one inside my apartment to show him the layout of ours & where Pam (the neighbor) lives in respect to our apartment. (We share balconies with her). 

Somehow the two teens and my two kids are asleep. TJ is with me on the couch sneaking peeks out the window. Holding our dogs. Confused..

B is back.

"Get everyone up. We have to leave NOW. Something's going on with Neighbor. SWATs outside. They don't want any of us to get shot."

Timmy goes for the teens. I go for the little kids.

Where will we go? We don't know anyone (that doesn't live at our complex)? JEN!! I call her and Of Course We Can Come!

TJ and his dog head for his gfriend's apartment. (It's in another building).

I hand the teens the key to my car (since the two they drive are super loud and they want us to quiety leave ASAP) and I pile half sleepy kids (PSP's in hand - just in case. Thank GAWD their dad let them borrow a 2nd one) in our truck with us and our dog. (Kitty was left in the bathroom).

As we're pulling out of the driveway we have to maneuver around fire truck, cones and flares they're using to block off our street. WTF??!!

Jen lets us in and we get the little guys settled in her kids bunkbed with a movie.
Ben is Super Excited to see us. "Cmon Larry let's go have a Smoke!" I'm pretty sure he's giggling. He LOVES this stuff.

We sit around for an hour trying to figure out what the stupid Neighbor did this time. And Dispatch calls us at about 12:30AM (only 7 hours ago!) giving us the All Clear To Go Home.

There are still two cop cars when we get there. The big kids help us get the little ones in the apt. B gets his keys back from the cops. They let him know that they pulled the bulbs from some of the lights & he'll probably want to replace them during the day.

Pam (who's standing by an officer) "Becky, I'm-SO-SORRY-all-of-this-happened. You're probably so PISSED at me right now!! I DIDN'T KNOW he was going to do it! He just wanted his kids back."

I stop her mid-ramble and kind of give that finger-to-lips-hush symbol you give to kids. The officers are looking at her like she's a freak. I walk a little closer to her and let her know that I don't know what's going on.

"Becky, he was going to try and KILL HIMSELF!! He just wanted his kids back!"

And with that the nice officers walk her away and have her show them something else. I see her boyfriend in handcuffs being escorted from one cop car to the other.

Once we were all back settled in to bed. Ours had B, me, kitty, doggy, and my two kids (thankfully B just made mine super wide, for emergencies such as this)... B says to me..

"You ARE going to write her up for this...aren't you!"
4/26/2011 14:25:43

Well, blog fodder is blog fodder! So they did all that 'coz the dude was going to off himself? He wasn't holding hostages or anything like that?

4/26/2011 14:37:55

Yep. No one hostage. When people are self medicating and they mix it with depression and weapons it can become a lot of drama. Lol. He had locked himself in his bedroom with a 7mm.


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