It's ironic how many people have no jobs or income in this world, and are perfectly ok with it.

I manage income based apartments. 108 of them spread out on four sites. And boy-oh-boy was this an eye opener for me.

Why work when you can get state assistance that will supply you with cash, food, utility bill, and cell phone assitance? Although I have yet to figure out how they afford their gas money for the vehicles they drive, beer they drink, pot they smoke, their acryllic nails, internet bills or cigarettes.

94% of them whine about back injuries they have. It's amazing how sleeping until noon and sitting on your fat ass can cause so many back problems!

They have children in order to get more benefits, and yet trust the great out of doors to raise them. Why take care of them? Give them a bicycle (helmet optional) a stick, a few rocks and they'll be entertained for hours! No need to feed them, just make sure they are dressed in yesterdays clothes and a sad look on their face and someone's BOUND to feel sorry for them and feed them.

I drill it in my kids heads daily - this is what NOT to be like when you grow up! You want to have no ambition and be lazy all day? This is what'll happen to you. We RUN the place, we aren't the free loading tenants of the trailer park. One of my comments after they see some of the more "special" ones knock on our door (because who needs to enforce office hours???) "Kids - This is why I tell you - Don't do drugs!" It's pretty sad when my 12 year old doesn't skip a beat in responding.... "Get a freakin job already!"

Don't get me wrong. I have tenants that live on ss benefits. They don't have jobs. The ones I'm talking about are the ones where the only adults in the house don't work. And just sit around bitching about the fact they don't work, and yet do NOTHING about it. They spend their free time fishing or sleeping or milking their "depression" and their back injuries (see earlier reference to causes). And their kids leave their garbage and bicycles strewn all over my complex. And they let their "reasonable accomodation for a disability" cats piss and shit everywhere (since "inside" animal translates to "throw the fucker outside like you do your kids") and walk their dogs and let THEM shit everywhere.

And on days like today, when their rent is due, they bitch that they don't have the money to fork over the $22 that is needed to keep a roof over their heads.

Fucking depression pot. Cost more money than was budgeted for this month. Um. Can I pay double rent next month?? LOL.

At least in this economy, a job like mine is bound to always be in high demand!
5/14/2011 11:11:36

I can imagine that seeing what really happens behind the social security curtain can be an eye-opener and a half!

5/14/2011 11:43:52

Yes it is.

Butch is good about trying to keep me focused on the priorites. "Honey - it's just a job. At the end of your work day, close shop and come home. They can deal with you on office hours, just like they would with any other job."


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