What the HELL?? My body is doing that slow shock into reality known as morning when I feel something licking my eyeballs. And his furry paws are standing on my cheek. I push him away and try to roll over to find myself on the edge of our queen sized bed, with fatass chihuahua nestled in a ball into my lower back, the other 1/2 of my blankets thrown on top of the ones I went to bed with, and Butch sprawled across the bed. Now I have paws clawing at my hair and my forehead is getting licked. I blurrily lunge for my phone to check the time. 5:20am?? I know I'd decided to not work out at 5 and sleep in until 5:45, but I'm pretty sure that this determined little four legged fucker isn't going to leave me alone. GOOD MORNING MOM!! Nom Nom Nom. Yep... I'm up. The only bright side was that the scale said I'd dropped a pound. Half assed fist pump. After sitting at the same weight for almost a month now I was wanting to be excited. But it was too dammed early to even get that going. Every muscle in my body aches from the stupid workout I did on Mon, Tues & Wed. I didn't know it was possible to have my chest, arms (upper and lower), legs, back AND stomach hurt all at the SAME time and I've been working out 4-6 days a week since May 1st!! I didn't even bother trying to fight the ache yesterday after work. Instead I plopped down on the couch mid-dishes, threw the clean clothes I wanted to fold back in the basket and threatened to cry myself to sleep. Butch thought it was funny to point at my eliptical. He also thought I was funny when I told him I wanted to sleep on the couch. Especially since I could only HOPE that Mocha and Tiger would've slept with him and left me alone. And that was after BOTH of my kids had complete meltdowns at 6:30pm yesterday. Cranky kids. Cranky body. 5:20am pushy pet alarm clock. Suffice it to say that not a whole hell of a lot got accomplished on my desk today. I came back down here to check out the email on soccer picture prices for tomorrow. Instead I ended up getting caught up on Razing Mayhem, Dear Darla Diaries, and Angel  and found a new love at Motherhood Uncovered!
9/19/2011 08:55:46

On days like that a little blog reading can be very good for the soul!


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    Dear Twin... sometimes words come out of my mouth before my brain has a chance to stop them... well aint that the life...


    Some people make parenting look sooo easy.  They are big fat liar pants.  Parenting is hard.  Kids can be awful.  They don't come with an Instruction Manual.  I started young and have grown up with them.  We have gone through a lot together.  And I would have never been able to do it without the wonderful family I have.  I started blogging because of Twin.  She said that it wasn't nice of me to take a Bad Day out on the Hubby or the Brats.  And so this began.... it's my Rantings From The Time Out Corner... because, let's face it - when I'm full on Cranky Pants... my hubby doesn't fail to make me go Sit One Out for the Team.  (for more see ME above)

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