I took Austin to the doctor today (like Darla told me to do). He has had a fever since Friday (that has been five days so far). Friday & Saturday it ranged in the low 99s and 100.s. Sunday it briefly almost broke. He wanted to go trick or treating with an impromptu invite from the mom of his bff. And so he voluntarily jumped in the shower. And straight to the toilet to throw up. Where the thermometer found a 103.3 temperature. So he spent the rest of the night being pumped with fever meds & fluids. Monday he missed school. His fever went from 99s to 102s. I called the doc and they said to bring him in Tuesday (today) if the fever hadn't dropped and we made an appointment. The whole five days he has also had a nasty cough, been pale, dizzy, a decreased appetite, and not feeling good. Is have was hoping it was the kind of bug that went away after a couple of days, so I was trying to tyle.nol & ibu.profen it out. Took him in today. They took a str.ep test and a cbc when the str.ep came back negative. The cbc also showed everything normal and his lungs sounded normal. His fever was in the 99s and he was coughing & pale for the doc. Got him back home and it was back up to 102. He has a diet of fluids, tyl.nol & ibu.profen for fever, a fun little round pill that numbs the throat, an inhaler for the cough, and see where it goes from there. The str.ep test could come back positive in the next 24 hrs. If so she will call me and let me know and prescribe some meds. If it doesn't and he isn't drastically better by Friday I'm supposed to call her on Friday and she will prescribe meds for him. (As a sidenote the cbc test is where they take a finger prick for blood. He was HYSTERICAL and kept trying to hide his finger to get it.). So far it's only been about 4 hours on the meds and he seems to be ok. Hard to tell. It seems like the meds are keeping it at bay, but not necessarily wiping it out. Just holding it down a little. ???Nope... I just heard him hacking. In fact his fever was 99 something before the med concoction at 6. There's almost no fever right now... 98.8... but we'll have to see.

The last five days have worn me out, though. I'm tired and cranky as hell!  My lovely secretary told me I get to take tomorrow off to take care of him.  Since I'm not behind on my deadlines I'm going to enjoy doing just that. I got him a new video game so he has something to do and I'm going to clear through 16 boxes of my misc paperwork I've been dying to organize for MONTHS. Super excited about that.

Xav got to stay home today too. At midnight I rolled over and found him asleep and falling out of my bed. Mind you I don't remember my eight year old crawling in bed with me, but I was sure going to move him. We headed to him & his brothers large bed which was soaked in pee (don't even get me started on these two separate issues).  We than went upstairs where I found Austin hacking up a lung and laying in a pile of blankets on my smaller couch. "Mom, I threw up and I'm laying here." His fever was 102.6 and he was not looking good. I tried laying with Xav on the other couch, but we aren't as small as we once were and we weren't fitting. So I went down to their room and cleaned their mattress and found fresh bedding and started hawling it upstairs to the living room. Butch woke up to find his wife in our stairwell with the mattress. He didn't even ask. Just went to the bathroom. Came back out to find it on the living room floor next to the couch where the sick kid was.  Didn't even ask. So my hyper active Xav got the day out of school too, because he didn't sleep worth as shit last night and I couldn't send him to school like that for his teacher to put up with (yes, he's going tomorrow).

Thank God for Butch and Timmy. Butch spent the day holding down the fort while I drove to doctor (30 minutes away) and than spent two hours running errands around town here for meds and what-nots with Xav when I got back. Basically I ran errands from 930 to 330. .Right now it's 7pm and I'm wiped. Butch took Timmy on a cigarette and candy run. They didn't get why I didn't want to go out. Again. Timmy spent all day voluntarily cleaning my house. Which is great, so I won't feel obligated to step foot outside tomorrow. I'm going to hole up inside. Like Bonnie said, I get 10 minutes to see her and I'm kicked out of the office for the day. I'm super relieved.

And I swear to God I must have ADHD or something, because even as friggin exhausted as I am right now I can't get my BRAIN TO SHUT DOWN. Finances are constantly running numbers in my head. Bills that have to be done. Files that i realy want to super organize. There's ALWAYS SOMETHING. Is everyone like this? Brains constantly spinning about everything. How do you make it stop? Make the stuff shut off. What the fuck!!
11/3/2010 16:34:42

As a sidenote to this blog. They started him on meds for "walking pneumonia today" but if his fever is back tomorrow than I'm probably going to take them to the hospital so that they can run tests. It went from 102 to 103.5 to 98.1 today...


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