Does he look as obnoxious as he's been lately?
Words can't describe the level of hormones he's been hitting, or the amount of nerves of mine he's been on.
Holy crap.
He's not sure what's more fun - pushing Xav's buttons... or pushing mine.
Him bored = my nightmare
I love him... but after I'm thru here I'm going to track down my Dobson book on "Bringing up Boys".
I would LOVE any advice I can get on how to deal with 13 year old boys. PLLEEASSSEE!!! Comments... emails... something!
Sorry it's a bit fuzzy.. I took it with my camera phone.
This brief silence probably lasted for about 2.5 seconds... than the kicking, biting, arguing, bickering started up again...
I LOVE my children unconditionally.
But this is my fault.
I lost Xav's meds refills scripts.
I owe his pediatrician money, and we've moved out of the area. (I'm talking many many hours out of the area.).
So his anxiety, attention span issues are All. Over. The. Map.
And Austin knows it.  And is playing against it to his full advantage.
Which just sets Xav off more.
I'm researching like mad anything natural that I can pick up OTC that will help while I try and get him a local doc (since I have to anyways for school) and/or *cross his fingers because I don't think they'll give me the script with having a back balance* get his old script mailed over while we wait to get the new stuff set up??
I never believed in ADD kids until I had one.
I never understood the reality of having a child that doesn't process things the way that others do until I had my own.
The quirks and behaviorisms kicked in at 1, and haven't stopped since.
You don't even realize how much you've adjusted to them until he hit about 5 or 6.
Now that he's 9 and been leveled out on his medications for about a year now, when he's been off of them for the past 2 weeks like he has - we NOTICE.
I left Butch in the car with the two of them for ten minutes and came back out to the culmination of four days of the boys home (they will hopefully be in their new schools by Thurs) and at each others throats 24x7 and the constant stomping up and down the stairs and running and loud had reached WW3 velocity.  He yelled. A lot.  Said things he didn't mean.  He'd had enough.  And he was tired of them treating him & I like a door mat.  We spend 330 days a year with them.  We spoil them and pamper them and love them.  And love them.  And love them some more.  And yet we get the crap end of the stick with them.  He told them he felt like leaving.  And they broke down and cried.  And he cried.  And they hugged it out.  And maybe an hour later it was like it never happened.  And the attitudes and nitpicking started back up again.  And it's now 9:30pm and they're in their separate beds & bedrooms (yay!!) and I'm finally getting a moment to catch up on my blogging in some peace and quiet.
I LOVE my Austin.  We've grown up together.  I had him about 3 weeks before my 20th birthday.  I didn't realize how young I was than, until recently.  I didn't have a clue.  Missed the whole partying college phase to play married young mommy to him.  I still don't have a clue.  He had an angry crying fit on a walk to get a movie a few days ago.  Why you might ask?  Because he didn't know how to tell me that he didn't like me giving him hugs all the time.  Mind you I'm not a big hugger to most people.  But to my kids I'm probably a bit overkill.  I didn't know that it bothered him so much.  Honest I didn't.  I told him that one day he would be a Grown Up and off enjoying the world, and he wouldn't be around for me to hug whenever I wanted.  So he just needs to tolerate me while he is home, because I plan on getting a stockpile in.  Since than?  He's been going out of his way to give me hugs too :)
I do want to throw in a Happy Birthday to my Mommy for today. Both of my sisters are out of the country.  Twin lives in Germany, and broke it to us this morning that she needs bunyon surgeries again .. see here... And Roo is enjoying a nursing trip.  And Mommy got a best ever present from Daddy of a new bike seat.  (She not only Wanted this, but enjoyed "Trying it on" at the store!) I love my Mommy.  She is the SUPERMOMMY.  She cooks and cleans and sews and crochets and cleans houses for people and cleans her church as a job (every town we've ever lived in) and does all of daddy's laundry and meals.  You couldn't get more Super Mommy than my mommy.  She's been that way all of my life.  She is my Hero.  She's all I ever wanted to be.  And yet I'm not.  I inherited her OCD housecleaning and laundry.  And yet I'm not a good cook or a sewer or .... well... She NEVER swore around us as kids (that's why we had Daddy!).  I don't think I heard her drop the F-bomb until we were 18 and than we were so shocked we had to run and tell Daddy!! And yet my children have probably heard it far too many times out of my mouth!  And no matter what, we know they are ALWAYS praying for us.  I keep telling them they have to live to be 100.  Not an option.  Because I need them to.
5/23/2012 17:22:23

Oh Twin. I love the mommy commentary - yours and hers. I LOVE my mommy ... since reading all the b.s. attachment parenting nonsense splashed on the frontpages of EVERYWHERE! I was reminded that we were babies with your babies! It's amazing that being a mouth is his only drawback. I remember that we were a bit mouthy too ... Good luck twin! I wish I could be there!

5/24/2012 03:07:17

Thanks Twin. I wish you were here too. I think it would be much easier if you and Sir were here to help tagteam parent the little brats.

5/28/2012 23:03:50

Oh Bex I feel your pain! My knucklehead has refused to take his meds for about a year now and we butt heads daily! This morning I was *THIS* close to telling him to pack his shit and move the fork out of my house!!


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