The doctor was a ton of firsts for him and I.
He was so sad.
We barely made it in the Patient Room and the nurse and doctor were in there non-stop for an hour.
Normally there's waits between that. But not yesterday.
The more they hovered and brought in do-dads & gadgets, the more my heart broke for the little guy.
He's 1" shy of 5' (they measured him) and he proudly kept telling him that.
They checked his oxygen levels. Repeatedly.
They hooked him up to a breathing machine for the most agonizing 10 min of my life.
He kept sobbing & telling me he thought he was going to pass out.
He was dizzy and weak afterwards for hours.
They made him breathe in a machine.
They listened to his breathing over and over and over.
He had his doctor worried.
She said she thinks he was in the middle of a severe asthma attack.
Probably an allergy induced asthma attack.
They sent me home with 4 diff meds to give him, and an optional 5th.
If his chest pain and wheezing gets any worse I have to take him the ER.
I have to bring him back in 2 days (Fri) for a follow up.
The first 24 hrs I have to give him medicine every 4 hrs, no matter what, wake him up if I have to.
The predinose will make him hyper.
He also gets azithromyasin (I know most of these aren't spelled right), his inhaler (with extension tube) and nasal spray. If he's still hurting I can do tylenol or ibuprofen.
The meds also keep him wide awake (like until 2:30/3am-ish watching movies this morning).
He's been feeling a little better this morning.
We're debating letting him be in football. Although it's a heartbreaker, we want his breathing under control first.
And I'm just so exhausted.
And he's so exhausted.
And his chest hurts so bad when he breathes in.
And breathing out hurts and causes him to cough which hurts some more.
And eating food makes his chest hurt.
And he cries.
And I cry.
And 2:30 this morning found me cuddling with him (and Xav too - who was on the other side of the queen sized bed) and listening to his little chest.
And makes me sad.
And every time I hear him wheeze I run over there like a woman panicked.
And I check his fingernails.
And I pepper him with questions on "Is it worse?" "How bad is the pain compared to last time?"
My baby.
And I called bio-dad and he knows, but since bro grew up with it he's being supportive too.
7/9/2011 03:28:04

My poor baby! Babies! I'm sorry twin! That is so super crazy. I wish we didn't have an ocean separating us so I could be there for you.

8/9/2011 14:23:22

Oh no... I do hope things have improved since this post. I also battle with asthma, and there really are few things on this planet that I can't handle if I can breathe!


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