I'm sitting here in the dark in my living room at 6:36 in the morning on a day when I could actually sleep in until at least 7:30am if I wanted to.  Not that I don't need to be in my office today, but there's no school -- so I don't have kids to even contend with on breaking my morning routine.
I'm sitting here talking myself thru how I'm gonna tell them.... how I'm going to break it to them YET again...how I could do it AGAIN....

Dear Kids,
I know that you enjoy the fact that you've seen many places in your life... but it's time to load that Uhaul again!

People often ask me where I'm from... I tell them -- Douglas County?) Hmmmm.. Well... let me break it down to you (birth - 25 WAS all in Douglas County)
age: birth - 6th grade: 1 town (Roseburg), 3 schools, 5 diff houses
age: 7th-12th grade: 1 town (Glendale), 1 school (not counting a 2 month attempt at homeschool) (Jr High & High School are actually combined - 25 kids a grade), 2 diff houses

age 19-25: (all Douglas County - 1st marriage to bio-dad) Glendale (birth of kiddo 1), Tri City, Riddle (birth of kiddo 2), Roseburg (lived briefly in my grandpaperents home of 40+ years)(divorce),
 age 25-28: (GOT DIVORCED... moved to Madras - where parentals live - I lived with them for a few months around a couple of these moves) - apt #1, apt #2, house, apt #2 (returned there, met Butch the Mtc man, married him & started work as apt mgrs for subsidized housing)

age 28-current - (LIFE AS APTMT MGR)
-Madras (still in apt #2 - hubby did 2 complexes)
-Vale (complex #1) - 4 mo (they said the move to BFE wouldn't be short-term) - it paid so low we were on food stamps
-Oakridge (2 complexes) - 1 year (after a stint where my son hit the news for his teacher masking him to his chair, it didn't take much convincing for us to want to move)
-St Helens  (4 complexes)  - we were just starting year 5 when we moved where we are now...
-Florence (1 comples) - been here a whopping 6 months... and as beautiful and peaceful as it is... financially I realize we should have just hike up the big kid panties some more and never moved here...

Austin - K&1 was one school, 2 was another (Madras changed school lines), 3rd was the News incident, 4th (repeated this grade) & 5th at one school, 6th at one (St H - 6th was it's own school, but he had the same kids for 4 years), 6th grade was 2 schools (with the move here), 7th will be 2 schools if we move
Xav - K-2 was one schoo, 3 was another (St H was broke up K-2, 3-5, 6, 7-8, 9-12 ... I know it was wierd) (3rd was two schools, with the move here), 4th will be 2 schools if we move

I was never going to be "that parent"
my kids were going to grow up in a town where his aunties and uncles and cousins live and we'd have saturday meals together.  we weren't going to bounce around like this.  And than life happened. Parentals moved to Madras when I was prego w/ Xav.  Daddy got a fantastic job.  They got a house.  Roo moved away.  Twin moved away.  And I, ever the Mommys Girl, ended up where Mommy was (same town, but I had my own place).  If it hadn't been for Butch I would still be there.  Ironically enough the year I moved there was the year Butch (my Cali/Az boy) did too.  

This past Friday we had 2 job offers.  From the company we worked for 2004-2007.  They've been bought out by new owners, who we worked for the last year we were in St H - great people/company/benifts/etc.

The 1st offer was an Easy No.  We'd get 1/2 of what we get now.  And when your income is so low that you have to scrape cans to feed your kids (and we never had this issue in St H).. income comes into a big factor on a move.  (When we moved here we were promised FT.  And I thought it would be 40 hrs/wk... which wouldn't have been a paycut at all... It ended up being 30 hrs/wk... and that was way more hours than we could handle... )

The 2nd offer made us stop and open things up for negotiations.  Madras.  Mommy (and Daddy).  To a town we lived in for 3 years, we have friends there, our kids have friends there, we have a church there, Mommy/Daddy live there, I have a NON work related friend there.  We even know some of the teachers (they actually go to the church).  They will pay for our move.  They're a great company/benefits/etc.  The President of the Co got a 1 week notice from the mgr there, and immediately said to call us.  He's actually going to overstaff the mtc dept and put Butch in charge of the 2 current guys that are there.  And I'd run two sites, complete with Asst (who's a newbie to the business).  Pres is going to call me the beginning of this week with the $ rate and the details of paying for the move. 

This is real people.  We could realistically be turning in a 2 week notice by the end of the week. 

The hardest part?  I didn't think I'd like it here.  I like the town (we live a 5 mile drive from the Pacific Ocean).  I like the complex (for the most part... they all have trailer park drama... it's low income housing..).  I like the local PD.  I like the church.  Austin likes the youth group.  The kids have friends.

But going back to Madras.  To seeing my parents on an almost daily basis.  Being able to help mom in her janitor business.  Going back to a church where we know a lot of names and faces.  Austin will know kids in his youth group.  My parents run the Wed program Xav will do.  Butch has a 6 year old that lives there that he will (hopefully) be able to start seeing again.  We have NON work connections (which is HUGE for me). 

The site has me a little worried. 

I know it's a positive thing.

I often miss my family.  A lot.  So being near Mommy and Daddy will help that.  I HATE the fact that my kids don't have family near by to help be part of their growing up years. 

Being there has great long-term potential.  We could eventually Area Manage from there.

I just hate the idea that I've barely unpacked... and gonna get to do it again... Ugh.

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