I took my precious Mohca to the vet today. I should do a little explanation on this pooch. I was NEVER going to get an annoying ankle nipper. Ever. I've always had a lab-mutt mix of one form or another. We had a choc lab/boxer that I shared w/ my parents for 12 years. But other than him, I've never had a lot of attachments to pets (since I've been a grown up). This little guy we picked up at the pound a year ago. Butch thought he'd keep me company on those times with my kids were with their real dad and I was having my Baby Blues. He's became sooo spoiled. Rides in my car with me. Cuddles with me in bed. Sleeps in a laundry basket under a spider man blanket (an old curtain we made for my kids when they were babies) in my office during the day. Spoiled. And I am hooked. Anyways, now that I'm through explaining all the ooey gooey mushy stuff. We found he has an allergy to fleas. One of those little suckers and he's chewing hair and hide off and getting covered in sores. So he has to have Frontline* every 30 days. (The cheap stuff from Wallyworld makes his skin break out in rashes.) One day past that and he's chewing like a mother fucker. And than I have to get him a vet check up and an allergy shot too in order to get it cleared up again. So this month I procrastinated about 15 days longer than that 30 day mark and his allergies worked his way into his eyes too. So as punishment I got to give his vet $80 today.
$30 - exam fee
$18 - flea treatment
$18 - allergy shot
$22 - eye cream
The price of having Mocha not become One Eye and Mopey = PRICELESS!!

With 7 people in a 4 bedroom apartment, my two boys share a bedroom. I have huge OCD issues when it comes to my house. I HATE clutter. I require open space. Their room was driving me fucking bonkers. It was down to a queen sized bed, 3 massive tubs of their toys, and a shelf with their tv and gamestations on it. (Their dressers are in my room for now). But because of this they have NO floor space. And we often have their friends over to play. So umteen kids piled on top of each other AND their crap drives me FUCKING NUTS. So I was trying to figure out how to declutter their room.
1. We're going to mount their 30 nerf/water guns/pistols & their guitars on peg board on their wall
2. They're outside balls are going in a tub on the patio (that's off their room)
3. So we'll be down to one box of legos & one box of their figurines (gi joes, xmen, etc)
Butch came up with a FABULOUS idea after he put the pegboard on the wall. He made a kick ass bedframe for their bed that sits 4 feet off the ground and walled in the base so it's a fort UNDER THEIR BED. It's bad ASS! They're going to be SO EXCITED!! I've attached some pics of the work in progress. Once I get it all set up and hung up I'll post pics of the finished product. They know their guns are getting hung, but have NO IDEA about the bed. I'm picking them up tomorrow (from the wkend at their real dad's - he would NEVER do this shit for them - that's why he's NOT the favorite dad).
4/26/2011 17:28:39

Oh that is AWESOME!!!!
How's the doggy doing now? All better?

4/26/2011 17:35:43

He is sooo much better!!


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