This morning I made french toast.  Here's the kicker. I only made it for me and my two kids. And I poured the leftover batter down the sink. Yep. I wasted batter. And nope. I didn't ask if anyone else in the household wanted any. I know to most people it seems like no big deal. But it makes me feel a tad bit guilty though.
Since our household exploded to 7, when I cook meals I make sure that there's enough for everyone. And everyone is offered some. Not this time. Fuck no.
I found 5 empty cold cereal boxes in my cupboard this morning. Which was the icing on the cake for pissy about rude ass people. It didn't happen before. Because I was the one that set out breakfast. So empty boxes went in the trash. And I knew when we ran out. And made sure there were more
I have always had an Open Cupboard policy in every place I've ever lived to everyone living in and everyone invited to visit my home. I can't stand when people feed their kids things and tell mine "that's only for MY kids".
Out of 7 occupants in our house, and all 5 of the adults works, only three of us think we should financially contribute to the household. The other two little shits don't. In fact when dear old dad brings it up - they get down right manipulative and asshole about it. Crybaby bullshit pulling daddy's heartstrings... "so you don't want us to live here anymore?" *weepy weepy wah wah blah blah*. Every fucking time. Because he knows that dad is sensitive to the fact that he didn't get to do much in the way of raising the kid from 12 until he was 18.
It's bad enough that at 19 he's never had to understand the responsibility of financially supporting himself, like cell phone bill or car insurance or car payment or gas or helping pich in to groceries.... In fact when dad told him to fill up the truck when he got paid yesterday... he pulled it again "so you don't want me to live here??"' Are you FUCKING KIDDING ME?? PONY UP SOME FUCKING GAS MONEY YOU LITTLE UNDERAPPRECIATIVE SHIT!! He grew up thinking it's acceptable that mommy has never worked and has always mooched off others when their welfare/state aid runs out. And it's not even her welfare - she likes to use the food stamps of all of her extra household members in her house. And yet she can somehow smoke pot and throw parties. REALLY? She's the same one that calls on payday trying to bum $$. It's bad enough she gets $200 straight out of hubby's payck.
It's hard because they can be real nice and fun and all.
And than our empty pocket books cry because our cupboards are bare and our gas is empty and we don't get paid for another week. While the bff 19 year old brings home FT $10/hr paychecks and purchases $600 turbo kits for his car and doesn't offer a fucking dime to pitch in for food or other bills. And the oldest son offers to drive the car on a moments notice, and yet if he squeezes $20 bucks out of his butt cheeks to pitch in for pop and milk, dear old daddy feels the need to pay him back AFTER WE HAD TO TAKE A PAYDAY ADVANCE LOAN in order to pay for gas and food. And with the high cost of gas, our Dodge runs almost a $100 from empty. Once you buy some smokes with that, and some milk and bread and pop (we're a bit addicted to it)... you're almost to broke again!!
And than they wake up all perky and playing with the kids.

I was never a manipulative little shit like that. So I'm frustrated.
At 19 I was married, and had my own home and job. We paid our own bills - rent, phone, car payment, car insurance, food (WITHOUT FOOD STAMPS), etc etc. Mommy and daddy didn't support us.

I know these kids weren't raised like that... but still!!!
3/26/2011 13:40:32

damndamndamndamn twin
i mean daaaammmnnnn. i'll call

3/29/2011 08:13:00

Oy... They need a bloody good hiding if you ask me, grown up or no!
They need to be sat down and have the rules explained to them. Fit in or fuck off.

3/29/2011 13:12:45

Yesterday they totally hit the breaking point with th. Dad said he was gonna knock that look right off Z's face.


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