So we went to this stupid conference and got ambushed.  In fact, if I hadn't confronted my boss directly about this, I probably would have went from the 97 day notice I got to a (if I was lucky) 30 day notice. 5 years with a company and they drop trough and flash you their asses good bye.  We're standing in the middle of shit... with a 97 day countdown to WTF is going to happen to us... Let me sum it up for you...

We work for a Property Management Team. Our Team is paid by our Property Owners to take care of the Properties. Effective 1/1/2012 our properties have new Property Owners.  These owners manage their own properties.

So effective 1/1/2012 we will either stay here, but have new bosses
by 1/1/2012 the bosses we have now will move us to a different place to run altogether (complete new property(s) & city(s))

As of yesterday - when I asked him - he said that the new comp C wants to keep us on at our property, and C takes over 1/1.  I've never met C or heard of C before this conf.  And that currently my comp X has no other properties avail for us to transfer to. But they would let us know. Funny thing -- when I asked L (his 2nd in command) -- she wouldn't give me the set date... she just said "First of the Year" and she said she'd fire people and give us their properties before she'd make us go elsewhere. 

So, just to cover our ass,  I made sure to talk to both of my bosses & told them we would love to stay with our company, even if it meant moving.  I've also shot an email to the new company C to let them know we'd like to stay here.  (Unfortunately -- after talking to a few friends -- it looks like C is picking up our properties left & right and in the process many of my fellow employees on other sites have been getting SCREWED.  I just want to leave as many options for us as we can.)

We would love to move. Less $$ yes. But less apartments = less stress & headaches & more time to focus on the kids & having a life out of work.

We know one thing without a doubt -- we won't be homeless with our babies. One way or another.  One company or another.  We will be employed. 

96 days and counting....
I'm sure I'll keep you posted...

But in the meantime I'm packing stuff so we can paint & clean & get our apartment spruced up & ready for the move, just in case.  I'm also working on getting all of my filing & paperwork here all in shape & pretty.  I don't like to abandon ship with a mess. 

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