I need to preface this by saying that I totally failed at Halloween this year.  Didn't even buy a stupid pumpkin to carve.  Ya.  I called the Pumpkin stupid.  I mean, I feel bad for Xav.  But I'm thankful he's such an airhead that he didn't really say anything about it either.  So I didn't bring it up.  Because had I pointed it out it would have started a Something over it and so I just kept those thoughts in my head.  I'm not in the mood.  He hasn't had his meds for 4 days, while we're waiting on the pharmacy to fill it, so we've been having enough Something moments around our house!! Enough I say!!

Xav informed me he was having Three Halloweens.

One was a Halloween party at his school.  I strapped on my Big Girl panties and headed down to the school.  Me, another mom, and a dad all helped kids get frosted covered cupcakes (LOTS OF FROSTING), suckers, and chips w/ dip.  Nothing was more priceless was when Ms P told Dad... "it's ok -- you can use your Words to help keep them in line."  He replied with "You don't want me to use My Words."  She giggled with a "well... just try and keep them Appropriate"  but than I was giggling "what were they?"  and he said "the belt's already off... don't make me use it!"  I was roaring by now.  If it wasn't for the fact that there was already 4 kids doing break dancing on the floor, I would have been rolling on it in a fit of glee.  And he was one of those tall cowboy kind of guys, complete with the hunting style chamo jacket.  I could actually hear the belt flying off the straps!  Bwa ha ha ha. 
The Second Funny of the party... pre-party found Xav and I hustling to the office in search of missing pop.  (Dad brought it by when we returned empty handed).  Xav points out "look mom - it's our multi-personality room."  "Honey - I think you mean Multi Purpose Room."  "No, Mom.  We have one of those too.  That's our Multi Personality Room."  Yep.  I have one of those too.  It's called my Living Room.  Snicker Snicker

Two was Trick or Treating.  And, thanks to the Oregon Coast Rain (they all go together like birds of a feather), it didn't happen.  So we just skipped to Three

Three was our Church Howl-le-lujia Party aka Harvest Party aka Free Kid Carnival with fun kid games and loads of candy.  This year I stuffed 5 kids in the car and headed there.  Had to be there at 5 for set up.  Austin and his gf helped man the battle stations.  Xav and his 2 friends just ran a-muck until the game time started from 6-8.  By 7:30 I actually went hunting for him.  It'd been an hour plus since I'd seen his bright and shining face, and although I knew he wasn't leaving the confines of the church we were all packed in... I still felt the need to push my way past the 45 passenger line waiting to see the "Exotic animals" (better known as snake, porcupine, small car size turtle, and cockroaches) to try and track the little booger down.  He ended up running the game that I had just relieved his brother on. 

Wrapped the night up with a call to my favorite Bonnie.  Bonnie is my 70 year old ex-assistant that I love so much. It was her birthday.  And, althought I knew 9pm was a LOT to late for her, I called her anyways.  Proabably made her whole night :)

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