I got this fun to-do from Angel http://www.angelsmind.co.za/

Age- 31 (in 11 days Twin & I turn 32...OMG...she's 12 minutes older)

Bed size- technically it's a Queen next to a Twin to make it extra wide... with the puppy & kitty playing around us & the occasional Xav climbing in..

Chore you hate
- Laundry. Because it truly is never done.... And cleaning the bathrooms. With 6 boys standing to peepee it's nasty.

Dogs- We have 1 dog. Mocha is a chihuhua daschund we got rescued from the humane society last year. My BIL Timmy J who lives with us has Milo. He's a 2yr old pit. They love each other. And they love to fight over their pet cat.

Essential start to your day- Stupid alarm clock. It gets me up at 5 am on the weekdays. My ultimate go-to meal if I know it's going to be a long horrific day is a breakfast burrito from the Muchas. It powers me up for hours.

Favourite colour- I used to always say green or black. But lately I'm into girly pink on things.... And I've always HATED pink... 

Gold or silver- Silver... although my wedding rings are white gold too

Height- 5'5.5" ... but for years I swore I was 5 & 1/2 feet tall

Instruments that you can play- piano... I bought a guitar years ago because I wanted to learn how to play. And I've spent hours scouring webvideos and how-to's to try and teach myself.... but no real progress yet

Job title- Apartment Complex Manager aka Site Manager of 4 apartment complexes out of one office

Kids- I have two - Austin is 12 and Xav is 8 & 1/2. Finishing the 5th & 2nd grades. Butch has five - Zach (who's temporarily staying with us) is 20. And than there's Faith, Grace & Brandon (I'm not sure of their ages or where they live) and Charlie is 5 now and lives in Oregon. The only one of his we have contact with is Zach. If I mention having an "us" kid or the idea of being "prego" Butch practically has seizures.

Live- On the outskirts of Portland, Oregon. We're about an hour from the Oregon coast.

Mom’s name- I call her mommy.

Nicknames- Bek, Bex, Boo (or Boo Bear as daddy called me), Twin, Wicket Master (a croquet joke), Chewbacca (a long drunken night joke), but I AM NOT A "BECCA"

Overnight hospital stays- I've only stayed the night when I had my beautiful babies. And they were both born natural, no drugs, pretty relatively short labors.

Pet peeve- Bullies, Racist people, Welfare abusers (in my line of work I see a TON of them), people that don't pooper scoop after their dogs, I could go on and on...

Quote from a movie- “If you live to be 100, I want to live to be 100 minus 1 day, so I never have to live to a day without you." Winnie The Pooh. I'm seriously thinking of getting this tattooed somwhere

Righty or lefty- Righty.

Siblings- Step Brother, Half Brother, Twin, Little Sister

Time you wake up- Too freakin early. 5am on weekdays. Weekends I try to sleep in... but am lucky if i make it to 8am.

Underwear- When I was a skinny girl I wore the teeny little things that didn't cover a damn thing. And I felt sexy. Now that I have more...shall I say... "curves" I wear ones that cover my fanny. I tend to live in sports bra type bras because underires dig into me and put me in pain..

Vegetables you dislike- I don't know if I've found one yet... I'm sure Twin would remember...

What makes you run late- Short term memory loss. And being scatterbrained. And kids. To get the four of us packed & loaded and out the door can often be a feat in itself. The last minute rush for cell phones, sunglasses, snacks and psp's can be a bit of a nightmare

X-rays- Not so much really. I broke my arm when I was five. Twin & I had bunyon surgeries on both of our feet when we were 16...

Yummy food you make- This might be a trick question. I'm not sure if what I think is Yummy & what the rest of the people in my house say are quite the same thing. I'll get back to you on this.

Zoo favourite animal- Penguins.. Elephants... Giraffes...
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    Dear Twin... sometimes words come out of my mouth before my brain has a chance to stop them... well aint that the life...


    Some people make parenting look sooo easy.  They are big fat liar pants.  Parenting is hard.  Kids can be awful.  They don't come with an Instruction Manual.  I started young and have grown up with them.  We have gone through a lot together.  And I would have never been able to do it without the wonderful family I have.  I started blogging because of Twin.  She said that it wasn't nice of me to take a Bad Day out on the Hubby or the Brats.  And so this began.... it's my Rantings From The Time Out Corner... because, let's face it - when I'm full on Cranky Pants... my hubby doesn't fail to make me go Sit One Out for the Team.  (for more see ME above)

    I would like your thoughts, help, comments, feedback. I am not a robot!

    No matter how serious life gets, you still gotta have that one person you can be completely stupid with