I don't know what's better.. the fact that I will spend this weekend packing almost all of our things... or the fact that we won't actually be loading the UHaul for another 12 days.  Basically the edge of our living room is going to be stacked with boxes.  (With next weekend being Thanksgiving, this weekend became the free time to pack.).

I've tried to be creative too.
First I tried to save space by flushing items down the toilet.  Waste not, want not!  I even blamed the boys with their big poop when it started backing up!! I think Butch got suspicious when he pulled my pink hoodie out though..
Than I tried stuffing things under the mattress like it was a giant sandwich.  I figured if I ducktaped the boxsprings and mattress together it would be super easy to haul out on moving day.  Unfortunately when Butch couldn't sink into his pre-formed sinking hole on his side of the mattress he got a little cranky.  Apparently feeling the corner of a large boot in your back really isn't that comfortable??
The next tactic I tried was really a way to just put off the inevitable.  I filled the hall closet to the point I had to wedge a chair under the door knob just to keep it shut.  We NEVER use that closet so it should be a safe bet?  I made the mistake of getting one of the kitties in their too, and when the kids felt sorry for her and tried letting her out, it call came crashing down. Double grrr.
The garbage disposal sounded swell.  All that whirring and chomping.  That would do it!  I wondered why he had a plug in it, but a wrench took that puppy right out and I filled that hole right up!  Probelm was that Butch found me looking for the imaginary switch to turn it on. At which time he told me we didn't have a garbage disposal.  And was that his favorite pair of underwear?

One move we had in the past was on such a short notice we opened our doors and told the neighbors is was a free garage sale.  They took almost all of our furniture.  We figured it was a good excuse for a thrift-store makevoer at the next stop.  The guys helped "pack" the kitchen by throwing 95% of the dishes away.  My mom was furious when she showed up the next day at the new place.  I think that's why she's coming here so bad.  Nothing's staying behind this time. Bwa ha ha ha.

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