I don't even know how this would happen, short of both of them ate some good Puking Pastil from Harry Potter? (Yes I quoted you TWIN). Butch got a call at 1:15pm to go get Xav from McB Elem  because he was puking. He went and get him and brought him home. Not 10 min after we got one settled on a couch he got a school from LC Elem to go get Austin. He was also puking. At least X made it to the nurse. When A told his teach he had to go to the nurse, Mr Pain In the Woohoo told him that he was just trying to get out of math. Yep that's exactly why the poor kid hurled all over himself, his backpack and the hallway as he was trying to go see the nurse. Because he Didnt Like Math. You guessed It Mr P. You are an effing genius. Hand him a freaking PHD someone!
So it's 3:56 on a Mon afternoon. I was a dutiful mommy and ran to Wallyworld and exchanged a xmas present for a gift card to use to buy some groceries: 7up, bread, milk, eggs, yogurt, syrup (no - they don't get it), nutty buddies (also not for the sick kids) and butter. Now I have them all fed and I'm back in my office (blogging) working on the paperwork I got interrupted on earlier. Daddy is playing nursemaid to A, X & TJ. TJ is laying on his fanny on his bed milking an "I threw out my back this morning!" For someone that hurts so freakin bad you think he would have took his pain pill & muscle relaxant at 10am when he got it, instead of an "I have to eat it with food excuse" and took it five hours later. Geez. Alright... got to go back to the world of certs, recerts, sending approvals and making copies... All so I can stay home and play nursemaid tomorrow. Last time I left TJ to take care of sick kids I found them with five layers of clothes on, under six point five blankets being told to "sweat it out Kid!" Yes - he's a 38 year old grown man who's really just an overgrown 15 year old. That's why he lives with us. Good intentions, just not a lot going on upstairs, if you know what I mean. Oh well. I like playing mommy. It's why I birthed the little whelps in the first place!          
2/1/2011 23:36:28

A should have puked all over MrP instead of all over himself. the man would have definitely gotten the point, then. and what are you going to do, be mad at a sick kid?? not with YOU as his mommy =) -- and that is meant in a very positive way. the "you-mess-with-my-kid-and-i'm-going-to-make-you-regret-it" sort of way


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